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Buy Kid’s Dohar Online at SPACES 


Dohars serve as excellent choices for children. These can be presented as everyday blankets, promoting peaceful and uninterrupted sleep every night. In comparison to bulkier quilts, which kids might perceive as stifling or struggle with, dohars prove to be superior. Dohar blankets are for more than just cold places. These are light and good for all parts of India, even when it's really hot or cold. These make you feel comfy in the summer with a light AC dohar and keep you warm in the winter. Older women used to make them in the old days, but now you can buy them in different sizes, colours, and designs from popular brands, including SPACES.


Embark on a journey to capture pure childhood comfort with SPACES' collection of Kid's Dohars. Each Dohar is a treasure trove of joy, a fusion of warmth and artistry that transcends mere bedding. SPACES presents a symphony of designs meticulously stitched with layers of softness. Our kid’s Dohars cocoon your little ones in an embrace of cosy cotton embellished with vibrant patterns that ignite the imagination. As a modern twist to traditional quilts, these Dohars promise both nostalgia and innovation. Elevate your child's slumber experience - buy Kid's Dohar online at SPACES, where comfort and creativity intertwine seamlessly.


With these selections, you can gain unparalleled comfort, lasting durability, and exceptional value. Explore an array of exclusive choices in the online Kid's Dohars realm. SPACES presents a diverse spectrum for those with a penchant for designer allure and cosiness. Moreover, delve into SPACES' collection of anti-viral and anti-bacterial dohars and comforters, crafting a pristine and secure haven within your bedroom sanctuary.


Choose Captivating Designs of Kid’s Dohar Online  


It's time to embark on a captivating journey when you buy Kid’s Cotton Dohar online, perfectly tailored to your child's unique personality. Immerse yourself in the world of beloved Minions, who hold a special place in our hearts. Explore SPACES bed and bath collection for kids, crafting cherished 'minion' memories.


For those charmed by the sweet and clever Minnie, let your child's personality shine through our kid’s bed and bath linen range. The 'Minnie' collection fills your life with the spirit of your very own 'Minnie'.

Unveil diverse facets of your child's character with bed and bath linens from SPACES kid’s collection. Allow their joyful, optimistic, and charismatic traits to radiate, reminiscent of Mickey's dynamic charm. Frame these priceless moments with Spaces' bed and bath linen collection, celebrating the very essence of childhood.


Each piece is a testament to Spaces' commitment to quality and creativity, ensuring that your child's space is as special and vibrant as their personality. From the charming Minions to the timeless Minnie and Mickey, we capture the essence of beloved characters in designs that truly resonate with children. So, explore the world of Kid’s Cotton Dohars today and give your child's room a touch of comfort and imagination.


Useful Tips to Consider While Buying a Dohar for Kids  


When venturing to purchase a Dohar for kids, it's prudent to heed a few valuable tips. 

  • Firstly, prioritize safety by opting for hypoallergenic cotton fabrics that are soft on their delicate skin.
  • Keep in mind the importance of lightweight dohars, facilitating effortless use and storage.
  • Seek out designs that mirror your child's interests and stimulate their imagination.
  • Mind the climate – opt for breathable cotton fabrics in summer and warmer variants for winter cosiness. Reliable stitching and durable construction are paramount to ensure lasting utility.
  • Lastly, ensure the dohar for kids is easily machine washable for convenient upkeep.

By adhering to these insights, you'll uncover the ideal cotton Dohar for kids that seamlessly combines comfort, style, and functionality, fostering a serene and snug slumber environment for your child.


Proper Maintenance and Care Tips for Kid’s Dohars   


When you buy kid’s dohars, it's important to take good care of them to ensure their longevity and quality. Follow these instructions to keep your kid’s dohars in great condition:

  • Easy Cleaning Process: Kid's dohar blankets are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply wash them in a washing machine seperately to remove stains without damaging the texture or print.
  • Washing Technique: To enhance the dohar's durability and make it last longer, opt for washing in cold water. After washing, it's recommended to let the dohar dry in the shade. This prevents excessive exposure to direct sunlight that might affect the fabric.
  • Ironing with Caution: If you need to iron the kid’s dohar, use a low-heat setting on your iron. This prevents any potential damage to the softer cotton texture of the dohar while effectively getting rid of wrinkles.
  • Avoid Bleach: Never use bleach to clean your kid's dohars. Bleach can cause harm to the top sheet, leading to deterioration of the fabric's quality and colours.
  • Separate Washing: It's advisable not to wash the dohars together with your regular clothing. Mixing them can cause the fabric filaments to be damaged, resulting in issues during the cleaning process.


By following these care instructions, you'll be able to maintain the quality, colours, and durability of the kid's dohar you buy. This ensures that your little ones can continue to enjoy their comfort and cosiness for a long time.


Why choose SPACES to Buy Kid’s Dohar?


When it comes to purchasing kid's cotton dohars online, SPACES offers a compelling choice for several reasons. Our kid’s dohars boast captivating designs without compromising on durability, ensuring your child's comfort while maintaining aesthetic appeal. With an extensive collection available for online purchase or at SPACES stores, you have various options to choose from, allowing you to find the suitable cotton dohar for kids that aligns with your child's preferences and bedroom decor.


SPACES also ensures a user-friendly shopping experience by providing filters that help you efficiently narrow down choices based on price and colour. Moreover, our shipping process is both swift and free, promising delivery within 4- 7 days of placing your order and can be returned within 30 days of purchase.


Furthermore, SPACES prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your kid’s dohar online purchase, we facilitate hassle-free returns and exchanges, ensuring that you're fully content with your chosen single dohar for kids.


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is the purpose of dohar?

The purpose of a dohar is to offer a comfortable layer of bedding that provides warmth and comfort while allowing breathability, making it suitable for various seasons.


2. What is the difference between a dohar and a blanket?

Unlike a single-layer blanket, a dohar is a lighter, multi-layered blanket with a top sheet, filling, and base layer designed for better air circulation and comfort.


3. Is dohar good for summer?  

Yes, a dohar is good for summer as cotton dohars are breathable and help regulate body temperature.


4. Can a dohar be washed?

Yes, a dohar can be washed, but it's recommended to wash it separately from other fabrics to maintain its longevity.


5. How do you clean a dohar at home?

To clean a dohar at home, follow the recommended washing instructions, which include using a mild detergent, gentle cycle, and avoiding dry cleaning or bleach.


6. Where can I buy cartoon-printed dohars for kids?

For high-quality cartoon-printed dohars for kids, check out SPACES. They offer many options and are known for their excellent quality bedding products. You can find these dohars online or at SPACES stores.