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Shop Exclusive Accessories Collection by SPUN 


In the heart of the SPUN accessories collection lies a story of resilience and collaboration, born from the ashes of the 2001 Bhuj earthquake. It's not just about creating handmade products; it's about honoring the rich heritage of Indian art and craft—a thread that weaves comfort, warmth, and a soulful connection to the makers behind each exquisite creation.


Welspun reached out to the affected communities, particularly the women holding the thread of weaving traditions passed down through generations. This collaboration, driven by a commitment to positive change, resulting in the SPUN accessories collection—a seamless fusion of contemporary designs and time-honoured techniques. It's not just a product; it's a narrative, a tribute to empowerment rising from the depths of adversity.


Explore the Unique Range of Handcrafted Stoles


Step into the world of SPUN accessories, where creativity flourishes beyond the ordinary. The collection unveils an extensive lineup of accessories, with handcrafted stoles or scarves stealing the spotlight. These aren't just fabric pieces; they manifest artistic brilliance and craftsmanship. The English regality and sophistication infused into every piece speak volumes, with feminine, soft hues whispering tales of royalty.


Crafted from the finest materials like 100% cotton, each handcrafted scarf or stole boasts appealing abstract designs—a dance of colours and patterns that elevate it beyond a mere accessory. These pieces aren't just worn; they're adorned, carrying the essence of tradition redefined and elegance unveiled.


SPUN: Making Every Purchase a Purposeful Decision 


Why choose SPUN accessories? Because behind each purchase lies a story of empowerment, community impact, and ethical choices. It's more than acquiring quality products; it's a purposeful decision that reverberates through the lives of those who craft them.


  • Empowering Women: SPUN isn't just about production; it's about establishing 8 production centres and 6 embroidery speciality centres, creating opportunities for skilled women artisans. It's about empowering them economically and socially, turning threads into pathways of independence.
  • Positive Community Impact: The ripple effect of SPUN reaches far and wide, touching the lives of nearly 10,000 individuals across the region. It's about fostering stronger families and communities through the efforts and creativity of these artisans.
  • Economic Growth: SPUN isn't just commerce; it's about collective earnings surpassing 27 million rupees. It's about economic growth, improving financial well-being, and contributing to the region's prosperity.
  • Ethical and Sustainable: SPUN stands as a beacon of ethical choices. By choosing SPUN, you support fair wages and environmentally friendly production methods, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future.
  • Quality Products: Beyond the social impact, SPUN accessories offer quality. Each product reflects the dedication and craftsmanship of artisans, ensuring that your purchase is not just a transaction but a celebration of skill and uniqueness.
  • Aligning with a Purpose: Choosing SPUN accessories aligns your purchase decisions with a purpose that uplifts communities, promotes equitable opportunities, and transforms each acquisition into a step toward positive change. It's not just a product; it's a statement—a statement of conscious and compassionate consumerism. 


SPUN's Commitment to Social Responsibility  


Embarking on the "Rags to Rugs" upcycling journey, SPUN doesn't merely inch towards a sustainability vision; it becomes a formidable force driving livelihoods for numerous women and igniting transformative change. This initiative is more than a ripple; it's a tidal wave of empowerment, paving the way for women to embrace self-reliance, opening doors to personal bank accounts, facilitating their children's education, and uplifting their stature within their families. It's a holistic contribution that resonates through the very fabric of their households.


Additionally, SPUN accessories emerged as a powerhouse in both Indian and global markets, unwavering in its commitment to sustainable handmade handicraft items. Each creation, be it handmade stoles or handcrafted scarves, is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship infused with love and care. These items transcend beyond mere decor; they encapsulate the artisans' dreams, dedication, and soul, enriching spaces with aesthetics and narratives of skilled hands at work.


SPUN is not merely about adorning a particular look; it's about infusing it with the essence of skilled craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. Beyond the tangible products, SPUN accessories like a handmade scarf or stole weave a narrative of empowerment and responsibility into the very fabric of its offerings. It's a brand that resonates with those who seek not just a beautiful home but a meaningful, socially responsible lifestyle—one that recognizes the power of every purchase to shape a more equitable and sustainable world.




In essence, the SPUN Accessories Collection by Welspun isn't just about products; it embodies a story of human resilience and collaboration rising from adversity. Crafted with a touch of creativity and regality, the handcrafted stoles symbolize a beautiful blend of tradition and elegance. 


Beyond commerce, SPUN actively empowers women, fostering positive impacts within communities. Rooted in ethical and sustainable practices, the brand stands as a guiding light for responsible consumerism, delivering products that showcase the artisans' skills and individuality.


The journey of repurposing this exclusive modern yet contemporary collection becomes a powerful force of empowerment, contributing to livelihoods and transformative change, weaving a narrative of human connection and social responsibility into every piece.


Frequently Asked Questions  


  • Which fabric is best for a stole?

The best fabric for a stole is often determined by personal preference and the intended use. Opting for 100% cotton is an excellent choice for a stole, offering a combination of breathability, comfort, and versatility.


  • Why do people wear scarves?

Scarves serve both functional and fashion purposes. Individuals choose to wear a handcrafted scarf for warmth in cold weather, as stylish accessories to complement outfits, and to make fashion statements with various textures, patterns, and colours.


  • What is the difference between stoles and scarves?

Stoles and scarves differ in size and usage. Stoles are larger, draping garments often worn over the shoulders, while scarves are smaller and typically wrapped around the neck for warmth or style.


  • Where can I buy a handcrafted scarf online?

You can purchase a handcrafted scarf from the SPUN Accessories Collection by Welspun, available online at the SPACES website.