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Buy Cosy and Comfy Single Blanket Online at SPACES 

Explore the perfect blend of comfort and style with SPACES' cosy and comfy single blankets for your all-night sleep. These blankets keep you warm and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. When buying single blankets, there are a few things to consider.

First, choose designs that match your bedroom decor. Also, consider how many blanket sets you need and whether you want extra fluffy ones for comfort. SPACES offers a wide range of blankets, all carefully designed to suit your preferences.

SPACES has everything from luxurious options for your bed to soft blankets for kids' rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Their collection focuses on quality and looks. Now, shopping for the perfect single blanket is easier than ever. Enjoy affordable prices, attractive designs, and special deals that make online blanket shopping a delightful experience. Upgrade your warmth and style with SPACES' online blanket selection.

Important Factors to Consider While You Buy Single Blankets 


Single bed blankets come in different fabrics, patterns, colours, sizes, and a lot more to not just fit your bed but also go well with your room's colours and vibe. Single bed blankets come in handy not only in the winter but in almost every season. When your AC is set at a favourable temperature, and you wish to have a restful sleep, there is nothing as great as snuggling up inside your single bed blanket. You can now easily buy single bed blankets online and have them delivered to your doorstep by ordering them online at SPACES. When choosing the perfect blankets for your comfort during colder days, each product has its unique qualities that set them apart. 


Here are some helpful tips to guide you in selecting the ideal single blankets: 


  • Harmonize with minimalistic decor: If your room has a minimalistic vibe, maintain consistency by opting for solid colour single blankets. By considering colour contrast, you can make your bed stand out and enhance the overall visual style of the room. For instance, if your room predominantly features a white colour palette, choose darker shades of your preferred colour for the single bed blanket. 
  • Embrace fleece blanket trends: Fleece blankets are a popular choice in recent times. They offer a cosy and luxurious feel, often paired with velvety cushions and bed sheets to provide added comfort and style. 
  • Coordinate with wall colours: Consider selecting quilts that complement the colours of your walls. If your walls have lighter shades, opt for solid colour blankets, and vice versa. This thoughtful coordination creates a harmonious and visually pleasing effect in your space. 


With the tips mentioned above, you can find the ideal single bed blankets that provide warmth and comfort and blend seamlessly with your room's decor. Explore the diverse range of blankets online at SPACES to discover options that suit your personal style and create a cosy sanctuary for colder days.

Wide Range of Single Blankets Available on SPACES  


SPACES presents an extensive range of single blankets that cater to a wide array of preferences. If you're looking for a single bed blanket, you'll be pleased to find a variety of sizes available, accommodating your needs perfectly. Are you worried about the single blanket price? You'll discover that SPACES offers a diverse selection at affordable prices, making it easier to find the ideal match for your budget.

One of the standout offerings is the innovative double-layer blanket. This unique creation boasts a micro flannel on one side and a plush Sherpa blanket on the other. The micro flannel provides gentle warmth and envelops you in a cocoon of cosiness, ensuring that even the chilliest nights are enjoyable and snug. Our collection of single blankets seamlessly blends style, comfort, and practicality. With options available in various sizes, a range of price points, and innovative features like micro flannel and Sherpa, these blankets will surely enhance your relaxation and sleep experience.

Benefits of Buying Single Bed Blankets from SPACES  


Experience the myriad benefits of purchasing single bed blankets from SPACES. Whether you're concerned about single blanket price or searching for the perfect single blanket size, SPACES caters to your specific requirements while maintaining top-notch quality.

Indulge in the feather-touch technology, a hallmark of single blankets at SPACES. This innovation ensures that your blanket remains incredibly lightweight and unbelievably soft, enveloping you in a lavish, deep pile plush texture that truly feels luxurious against your skin.

Worried about preserving your new blanket's pristine appearance? Worry no more! SPACES' single blankets are thoughtfully designed to be machine washable and resistant to fading. This guarantees that your blanket retains its vibrant colours and fresh look even after numerous washes. Your investment in a single bed blanket from SPACES promises enduring enjoyment, as these blankets combine comfort, style, and longevity.

Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Blankets   


Proper care and maintenance are vital to ensure the longevity of your blankets, whether they are single bed blankets or any other size you have purchased online. To preserve their quality and keep them cosy for years, follow these practical tips:


  • Separate Washing: When it's laundry time, wash your single blankets separately or with similar colours to prevent any unwanted colour bleeding.
  • Gentle Cleaning: Opt for a gentle cycle on your washing machine and utilise a mild detergent to avoid harsh treatment that might damage the fabric.
  • Say No to Bleach: Bleach might seem like a powerful cleaner, but it can harm the fabric and its colour. Avoid using it on your single bed blankets.
  • Ironing Caution: If you need to iron your blankets, do so with a low heat setting to protect the fabric from unnecessary damage.
  • No Dry Cleaning: Steer clear of dry cleaning for your blankets, as the chemicals involved can harm the material.
  • Follow Manufacturer's Instructions: Stick to the recommended 40 degrees Celsius water temperature when machine-washing your single blankets, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Tumble Dry Care: If you're tumbling drying your single blankets, use a low heat setting to prevent exposure to excessive heat.

By showing your single bed blankets the care and attention they deserve, you can ensure they continue providing warmth and comfort for prolonged years.


Frequently Asked Questions  


1. What is a single blanket?

A single blanket is a cosy and stylish bedding accessory designed to provide warmth and comfort for a single-sized bed.


2. What size is a single blanket in CM?  

You can find a single blanket at SPACES that typically measures 150 CM X 230 CM in size.


3. How big should a single blanket be?  

The ideal single blanket size should match the dimensions of the mattress or be slightly larger by a few inches for optimal coverage and comfort.


4. How much yarn do I need for a single bed blanket?

The amount of yarn needed for a single bed blanket varies based on factors like yarn thickness and desired dimensions. Consult patterns or yarn calculators for precise estimates.


5. What is the softest blanket type?  

Fleece blankets are often considered the softest due to their plush and cosy texture.


6. Why buy 100% cotton sheets?  

You must opt for 100% cotton sheets that are breathable, hypoallergenic, and durable, offering comfort and quality for a good night's sleep.


7. Where can I buy a single size blanket online?  

You can find a wide selection of single bed blankets online at SPACES, offering a range of designs, sizes, and materials for your comfort and style preferences.