Counterfeit Communication

Dear Partners,

Welspun exists to give people the power to re-imagine their living spaces, effortlessly. Our design sensitivity, keen innovation, and market expertise continues to enhance comfort, spread warmth and enrich lives.

At Welspun, we have a keen understanding of consumer preferences, driven by a strategy based on Innovation and Sustainability. We strive to make a mark in the field of home linen and fabrics with products that cater to both practical and aesthetic needs of the users.

But, the rise of digital channels facilitating the sale and purchase of consumer goods has fuelled a rapid increase in trade of counterfeit products.

It’s a fact that a counterfeit product equals a low-quality. The package and product might look identical to the authentic brand, but it is made up of substandard material which might harm you.

Inevitably, these consequences have a severe negative impact on a brand’s reputation and consumer trust. Since many consumers are unaware that the product they purchased is counterfeit, when the item fails to work correctly or doesn’t meet their expectations, the customer will blame the authentic brand. This results in the customer losing trust in the brand and also likely that they won’t purchase from the distributor/retailer in the future.

There is also a business threat of counterfeit products, as it results in a loss of revenue for the brand that is being copied. When counterfeiters sell a product that looks the same as the original but at a lower price, the authentic brand will lose sales.

The lack of information is perceived to be the one of the main obstacles in the fight against counterfeit products.

We urge you to help us to combat counterfeiting. In Case if you came across any such counterfeit product of ours, kindly report to us on email id