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Let your doormat do the talking

Few things in life say welcome as readily as a beautiful doormat. A doormat is one of the most cost-effective ways to add warmth to a home. These sophisticated, stylish, creative mats are always ready to define your home. First, to greet your visitors, doormats for home have a strong and proud personality. An attractively designed entrance complements your home and provides the perfect first impression. It is easy to make your foyer look organized and pulled together instantly. Apart from being an essential home décor, the doormat also prevents visitors from leaving footprints inside your house. It ensures that your home sweet home stays sweet. Visitors wonder whether to wipe their feet or enjoy the wonderful art. You can save your flooring for a good number of years to come when you buy doormats online. Their utility extends to keeping the house clean and ensuring that the least damage is done to the floor.

A doormat works to protect your home and floors from dirt and grime, so while colourful and pretty doormats may look aesthetically pleasing, you'll want to keep in mind that functionality comes before style. This is why when you buy doormats online, you need to look for moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, durable ones that could last you longer and look fresh as new.  At SPACES, we offer all the options, and a doormat can be the ideal accessory that resonates with your home colours and style. Whether you want a solid colour, pattern or texture, you can find a doormat that will meet your style here.

Various Types of Doormats Available Online

Looking for doormats online? Look no further! Our collection of doormats for home goes above and beyond in utility and style. In today's world, doormats are practical items and reflect well-maintained and hygienic households. Choose from a variety of options at SPACES to make a statement.

Regarding a doormat for the bathroom, opt for a simple, elegant, and super soft indoor doormat. It's perfect for frequently wiping your feet dry and ensuring a clean, welcoming space.

Want to add a touch of personality to your entryway?

Consider choosing doormats for the bathroom made from nylon or polyester, as it reflects your cool character and creates a welcoming ambience for your guests. These materials offer durability and functionality while adding a welcoming atmosphere to your home entrance . Your visitors will surely feel right at home with this stylish addition!

At SPACES, we prioritize quality, so you can trust that you're getting the best. Explore our doormat collection featuring both large foot mats and small foot mats. You'll also find a variety of designs to suit your taste. Check out various types of doormats online:

Solid Doormats: Choose from ruffled, microfiber, or cotton solid doormats in vibrant and pastel shades. These soft and cosy options will make your feet sink into the fabric.

Floral Doormats: Everyone loves flowers! Our floral doormat collection goes beyond generic designs, offering the prettiest and most pleasant options. Place them strategically indoors or outside your bathroom door for a touch of nature's beauty.

Geometric Doormats: Our geometric doormats are the perfect choice if you want to stand out. Add an edgy touch to your home with these unique and sturdy doormats, perfect for placing outside your main or bathroom door.

Don't miss out on our fantastic collection of doormats online and bathroom use. Choose the perfect one to elevate your home decor and welcome your guests in style!

Things to Know Before Buying Door Mats Online 

Besides wiping wet or dusty feet before entering your home, indoor and outdoor front doormats also add aesthetic and decorative value. However, before purchasing, you must consider certain factors that will help you choose the best ones. 

Here are some key aspects to keep in mind when browsing doormats online:

  • Size & Other Dimensions: Select a doormat that fits the space perfectly. Consider the dimensions, whether you need a standard size or a larger one to accommodate your entrance area.
  • Shape: Doormats come in various shapes, including rectangular, round, oval, and semicircle. Choose a shape that complements your entryway's layout and enhances its visual appeal.
  • Durable, Weather-Resistant, and Skin-Friendly Materials: Look for doormats made from sturdy materials that can withstand outdoor elements, foot traffic, and frequent use. Weather-resistant materials are essential for outdoor doormats, while skin-friendly options ensure comfort for your feet.
  • Pattern and Design: The design of your doormat can make a statement about your home's style. Whether you prefer a simple, classic pattern or a bold, eye-catching design, pick one that aligns with your decor and personal taste.
  • Pricing: When browsing doormats online, consider the price range of your budget.. You can find doormat prices and choosing one that meets your needs without compromising on quality is essential.

Unique Ways to Style Your Doormats 

Wondering how to enhance the look of your house with doormats? Below are the tips and tricks on how to style them for different areas of your house:

Entrance Elegance: The doormat at your entrance tends to get dirty quickly, so it's wise to go for dark-coloured mats unless you want to change them frequently. Opt for a sophisticated dark-coloured mat to keep your entrance tidy and stylish.

Hallway Chic: Transform a plain hallway into a captivating space with large, bright-coloured doormats. Choose rectangular mats with alluring prints and vibrant colours to add a touch of beauty and charm to your hallway.

Kid's Playful Paradise: When selecting welcome mats for your kid's room, prioritize safety and fun. Choose an anti-skid doormat featuring delightful cartoon prints. This way, not only will kids be delighted with their playful mat, but you can also prevent unnecessary accidents.

Indoor Glamour: To create a focal point with your indoor doormats, consider velvet ones in jewel tones. These luxurious mats shine splendidly, especially in the evenings when ceiling lights are turned on, adding a touch of glamour to your indoor spaces.

Whether it's the entrance, hallway, kids' room, or indoor spaces, the right choice of doormats online can elevate the look and feel of every area in your house.

How to keep doormats clean?

To maintain clean doormats, vacuuming them regularly removes surface dust and dirt. For a deeper clean, scrub with soapy water and a soft brush once a month. Thoroughly rinse with water and hang to dry afterwards. Avoid dry cleaning and bleaching, as they can damage the mat's materials. 

Why Choose Spaces?

At SPACES, doormats are available in various sizes, colours, and patterns. This makes it easy to find unquestionably perfect doormats online for your entrance, bedroom doors, and even the balcony. Resistant to weather change and foot traffic, these high-quality doormats are long-lasting and pleasing to the eye. Whether you choose to keep it classy or indulge in a vibrant, quirky pattern, Spaces ensures a product that enhances the look of your home and personality.

From traditional welcome mats to rugs with colourful designs and patterns, we will help you make a great first impression before guests enter the house. To make your experience more welcoming, our doormats are divided into different categories under different filters. We have categorized everything we offer under price, colour, and fabric filters. This will help you narrow down your search and make purchasing doormats online almost as embracing as stepping on them. So, when buying doormats online, you know where to go.

Take your pick from an assortment of doormats from SPACES today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the purposes of doormats?

Doormats serve dual functions, combining practicality and decoration. Placed at entryways, they prevent dirt and debris from entering the house when people and pets come inside. Additionally, outside bathrooms, absorbent and anti-slip doormats help maintain dry floors. 

2. What's the difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Doormats?

Indoor and outdoor doormats differ in their design and materials. Indoor doormats prioritize softness and comfort for frequent walking, while outdoor doormats focus on weather resistance and durability.

3. How To and How Often Should I Clean My Doormat?

To clean your doormat, shake it off when you clean the floor and use a vacuum cleaner weekly to remove dirt and dust.

4. How Long Do Doormats Last?

Doormats typically last a couple of years, but for hygiene and sanitation, it's recommended to replace them every six months.

5. What Is the Best Color for Doormats?

At SPACES, you can discover a wide range of doormats in various colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your preference and home decor.