Why Offtober Is The Month To Refresh Your Home Linen Collection

Why Offtober Is The Month To Refresh Your Home Linen Collection

The changing of the seasons signifies a time of transition for many. As the weather breathes the crisp winter air, we’re reminded to refresh ourselves and our surroundings. The bedroom being the place we spend more than one third of our lives in isn’t free from this change either. It’s a great time to find new collections of bed and bath linens that match the autumn vibe and bring a fresh new feel to the house.

To help you in this endeavour, we introduce the best place where you can find the finest range of bed linen combo and bath products in a dazzling variety of colours and patterns. Explore the SPACES website this October, for the best combo offers and more at prices that will make your jaw drop and wallets happy!

Stay Away from Germs

Safeguarding your health is important, especially since the pandemic began. Every day we do what it takes to keep our surroundings germ-free. So why should your bed remain behind in this mission?

The SPACES revolutionary collections of Antiviral and Bamboo Charcoal bed linens are what you need to protect your health while you sleep. The products in these collections help in destroying any germs or viruses that settle on the surface of your bedsheet. They also help in destroying body odour and their temperature-regulating properties give you excellent sleep quality every time.

Prepare For Upcoming Festivities with Spaces Rangana Collection

With Navratri and Diwali coming up on the horizon, it’s time to give your home an ethnic touch!  The easiest way to start is to refresh your bedsheets with something that matches the occasion. The SPACES Rangana collection is the perfect place to start, since this curated collection comprises a variety of bed linens inspired by the vibrant art in India.

Gifting Solutions That Don’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

It’s the season for festivities, parties and most importantly - gifts! Whether it’s during Navratri or Diwali, there’s no shortage of opportunities to find gifting solutions. Stop worrying about looking for the right gifts for your loved ones, because the SPACES Offtober Sale has your back! Get the finest towels combo, bedsheet combo offers, rugs, comforters and more at upto 60% off and make happy memories with your loved ones. 

Don’t Forget To Accessorise Your Space

While you’re dressing up your bed, don’t forget about the rest of the room! Other than the single bedsheets combo offer and towels combo, there are enticing offers on accessorising products like pillow covers, duvet covers, rugs, mats, bedside runners and more. You can get these products in contrasting colours as compared to your bed sheets and create unique sets of bed linens that will be the focus of everyone's envy.

For the best online combo offers on bed and bath products, visit the SPACES website today!

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