What Is SAD and How Can Your Bedding Help Deal With It

What Is SAD and How Can Your Bedding Help Deal With It

As we bid adieu to the monsoons and begin a cold march towards winter, we may find ourselves a bit melancholic. This is often called the seasonal blues, where the lack of sunlight makes us lethargic and grumpy. But sometimes, the seasonal blues affect people in a more serious way, causing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a form of depression that is aggravated by winter weather conditions.

Along with therapy, there are a few changes you can make around you to reduce the impact of its symptoms:

Rearrange Your Space

SAD is caused majorly because of decrease in exposure to sunlight. That is why the first thing you’ve got to do is move some furniture around. Because we spend more than one third of our day in bed, it’s important to ensure you get to experience natural light when you’re there. You should also get some sheer curtains on your windows, so you don’t obstruct the flow of light in the midst of the gloominess outside.

Upgrade Your Bedding

A good sleep is a very crucial aspect to maintaining good health. That is why you should ensure that your bed linens are of good quality and can help make life a little easier for you. You should follow proper bed hygiene by changing your bed sheets every fortnight, but when you are afflicted with SAD, you may not find the motivation to do so. That is why we suggest you invest in fitted bed sheets, which are designed to cover your mattress with minimal effort on your end. You should also ensure you have got cosy comforters or dohars, a good pillow and a mattress that supports your back correctly. 

Get Cozy

It’s easier to slip down a darker path when you feel cold, as the cold makes you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. One of the ways to drive the blues away is to ensure you are comfortable in your space. That is why we recommend investing in soft, fluffy comforters or dohars. These thick, warm blankets not only keep the chills away and help you pay attention to the charms that come with the winter season, instead of focussing on the cold weather and short days that come along with it. We highly recommend comforters from our Regalia, Geostance 100% Cotton or the Hygro Cotton Temperature-Regulating collection from SPACES. You could also look into getting a fuzzy bed side runners and door mats, so your feet don’t have to touch the cold floor and make you feel miserable. You can find a range of rugs and door mats on the SPACES website.

Bring Brightness Into Your Life

Colours have the ability to influence our mood, there have been innumerable studies published about this phenomenon. During winter, many people gravitate towards darker colors that fit with the theme of the season. But the duller colours you wear, the duller your mood becomes. But by surrounding yourself with a bright colour like yellow or orange, you get an instant boost of cheeriness and positivity! That is why we recommend getting a few sets of fitted bed sheets and dohars from our Atrium and Geostance 100% Cotton collection.

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