Cotton Towel Buying Guide: Here's How to Check the Quality of Cotton Towel - Spaces

Cotton Towel Buying Guide: Here's How to Check the Quality of Cotton Towel - Spaces

It is that time of the year again when you cannot get enough of cold showers and crisp towels to make you feel refreshed and energized. This makes it the perfect time to invest in bath linens and bath towels. Since cotton towels are the best option considering their high absorbency, ultra soft feel, and the fact that they are made of a natural, breathable fabric, it’s likely that they are your preferred option when looking to but bath towels and bath towel sets online.
However, since it is not possible to check the quality of cotton towels, including cotton bath towels, when you shop for towel sets online, it is important to understand the various factors associated with quality. This will save you from falling for the cheapest options out there and help you arrive at cotton towels that offer great quality and value for your money.

Understanding thread count

Just like with bed linens, the quality of cotton towels can be determined by their thread count. If you are looking for cotton bath towels, look for a count that is 400 and above. This will help ensure that the towel sets you purchase online will serve their purpose; thick enough for drying after bath as well as sturdy enough for the job. Typically, most towels below the 300-400 thread count are meant to serve as kitchen, hand or face towels. However, it is also important that you understand how the seller has arrived at calculating the thread count.

Knowing your cotton

Next, you need to know what kind of cotton has been used in manufacturing the towel. While cotton is the best fabric, it also has its own set of characteristics which make it difficult to dry, coarse, after multiple washes, and so on. Hence, you need to look out for cottons that blend the best of the natural fibre along with technological innovation to offer you cotton that offers an exceptional experience.

At SPACES, we have come up with Hygro Towels by leveraging a unique technology. These make them the best bath towels in India. The hygro cotton used in each of our cotton bath towels ensure they bloom softer after every wash, and dry super quickly. This is because they are made of hollow cotton, a modified fabric that further enhances cotton’s moisture absorption and evaporation properties.

Pay attention to dyes and finishes

A much-overlooked factor when buying cotton towels and towels sets online is not considering the kind of dyes and finishes that might have been used to make the cotton towel appealing. Cheap dyes that harm your skin as well as the environment can be difficult to spot while making a purchase. Hence, it helps to opt for cotton towels from trust-worthy brands like SPACES. At SPACES, we invest in state-of-the-art technology at all levels of the manufacturing process to ensure you and your loved ones use only what is good for your skin.
Now that you have a clear idea of how to gauge the quality of cotton towels when shopping online, take your pick from our range of premium quality, ultra-soft, and super absorbent bath towels that promise a truly refreshing bath time and an easy laundry experience.

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