This Children's Day, Treat Your Kids To The Best In Bed And Bath Linen

This Children's Day, Treat Your Kids To The Best In Bed And Bath Linen

Shopping for kids is never an easy task, especially when you’re preparing for Children’s Day gift ideas. There is so much variety available in the market today for kids, but the most important thing for them still remains having good health. And the best way to start prioritizing their health is to buy children’s gifts that will inculcate good habits in them.

Sleep and general hygiene are among the base foundations that build and maintain good health, but it’s not a very “fun” concept. From getting them used to the idea of a regular bedtime or inculcating the importance of personal hygiene, parents are often stuck trying to find the right products to get their kids to listen. To make it easier, we’ve curated a list of best-selling products from the SPACES Kids Collection, available on our website. This list features the most popular themes among kids, which include:

Disney Princess Collection

Give your kids the royal treatment by embracing the various coveted personality traits of Disney Princess. Featuring individual princesses and the complete team there are a number of bed and bath products that your little one will love! Explore the magic of Arabian Nights with the Jasmine single bed sheet. Make bath time more fun when you sing bibbity-bobbity-boo as your kid takes a bath with the Cinderella themed towel. Scream “Let down your hair” as you dry your daughter’s long hair with the Rapunzel towel. Slip under the sea as you chase your little one with the Princess Ariel towel. And when they’re all tired out, give your child a cozy sleep with the Disney princess comforter


Superhero Collection

Your kids’ favourite superheroes picked straight from the big screen! Let your children embrace Marvel personalities they love and make bedtime and bath time more exciting. From the brave and intelligent Spiderman avenger blanket to the glorious team dohar, from the Iron Man avenger bed sheet to the Marvel Avengers towel; there’s something for all kids!

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Collection

Classics never go out of style! Give your kids a taste of the good-old-days with the evergreen characters of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Add a touch of playfulness in your kid’s room with the Mickey Mouse single dohar or bed sheet. Or bring out their sweet and smart side with the Minnie Mouse Disney bed sheet. You can even get them the best of both worlds with the Disney double bed sheet, featuring both characters!

Minion Collection

Ever since they burst onto the screen in yellow and blue, these adorable and fearless Minions have made a special place in our children’s hearts. If your little one is one of them, grab them a Minion bed sheet, dohar, quilt or towel from the SPACES Minion collection.

Frozen Collection

Inspired by the beautiful tale of sibling love and brave princesses, the Frozen collection features much-loved characters from the Disney series. Get Frozen bed sheets, like the Elsa bed sheet, quilts, dohars and frozen towels that your kids will not “Let It Go” for a long, long time!

Advantages of Buying Children’s Day Gift From SPACES

We care about giving your child the best bed and bath experience, so they can get healthier and stronger every day. Some of the advantages of buying SPACES products is the amazing qualities that our bed linen and bath products have to offer. These include:

  • Easy stain release
  • Skin safe products
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Softer after every wash
  • Regulates Temperature
  • Bright, fresh color
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • High Absorbency & Quick Dry (in towels especially)
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