Buying Kids Bed & Bath Linen? Here's Factor you need to consider - Spaces

Buying Kids Bed & Bath Linen? Here's Factor you need to consider - Spaces

Shopping for kids is never an easy task. And when it comes to buying products that will inculcate good habits in them, it is even more difficult. Be it getting them to sleep at the right hour by ensuring they loved their bed linen or getting them to shower without throwing tantrums by buying them cute towels, it is a challenge every parent has faced. However, apart from your kids’ favourite characters and colour preferences, there are some important health, hygiene, and comfort-related factors you need to consider when looking for kids’ bath towels or kids’ dohars and bedsheets online.

Consider anti-viral and anti-bacterial linens for kids

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial bedsheets, dohars, and towels have become immensely popular owing to their health benefits. However, these become even more important when we consider that kids are more prone to infections, tend to dirty their beds and towels on a frequent basis, and are not prompt in owning up their laundry chores. Hence, it is important to invest in kids’ dohars, bedsheets, and towels that come with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. SPACES offers a wide range of such kids dohar and kids bath towels with these properties. Shop:

Invest in Quick Dry towels for kids

Kids have a tendency to be difficult when it comes to showers and drying their towels diligently before rushing to school. This often results in damp towels littered across the house, making them a breeding ground for microbes. Towels that are designed to dry quickly can be prove to be the best bet in such cases, ensuring damp towels dry up quickly even with a bit of exposure to sun and air. SPACES offers a range of attractive kids’ towels made using an innovative technology that enables quick drying. Check out:

  • Kids Bath Towels
  • Kids Premium Towels

Consider Hygro Cotton towels and bedsheets

Every parent goes the extra mile to ensure their kid’s soft skin is not impacted by any harsh fabrics or chemicals. When it comes to bedsheets, dohars, and towels, often, standard fabric can become coarse after a couple of washes and rub against your kid’s soft skin. However, Hygro Cotton is an innovative fabric that blooms and becomes softer after every wash. Hence, they are the best in category when you are looking for super soft bed and bath linen products for your little one. Take your pick from SPACES’ extensive range of Hygro Cotton towels, bedsheets, and dohars for kids. Browse here:

  • Hygro cotton towels
  • Hygro cotton bedsheets
  • Hygro cotton dohars

Give preference to their choices

Lastly, it is important to factor in their favourite characters and ensure their bed and bath linen reflects their choices. This will make them feel loved, as well as look forward to their bath and bed time routines. It will transform the bed and bath zones into fun environments that are an extension of their play and screen times instead of places that drag them away from the same. Browse a wide range of themed kids’ linens here:

  • Frozen-themed linens
  • Marvel Avengers-themed linens
  • Disney Themed linens
  • Cartoon-themed linens

Remember, when it comes to kids’ bed and bath linens, quality is the single-most important factor. Hence, it is important to buy from a brand you trust and one that is present online as well as in store. To learn more about SPACES’ commitment to quality, click here. Secondly, the brand should be invested in the latest technology to ensure your kids’ benefit from innovations that improve overall health and quality of life. At SPACES, we have always been vocal about constantly innovating to provide your family with the latest technology at great prices.

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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