The Five Types of Bath Towels You Should Know

The Five Types of Bath Towels You Should Know

After indulging in heavenly body care products, you need a soft, plush towel that pampers your skin further. After hours of sweating at the gym, you need a towel that dries you off and sends you back for more. On your travels, however, you need a lightweight, easy-to-pack towel that co-operates with you. Fortunately, buying towels online has made it possible to get different kinds of towels for your every need.  

Buying the right towels is a crucial step towards keeping your skin happy. There are various types of towels made for different uses and preferences. Pick the one that suits you.  

5 Different Types of Bath Towels You Must Know  

  • The Gigantic Bath Sheet  

Bath sheets are big in size compared to ordinary bath towels, so you can wrap yourself completely in them or wear them as sarongs. Its super absorbency, plush body, and soft feel make it one of the most suitable bath towels online. While white is the popular choice, you could also go for a few coloured ones you can find at SPACES.  

  • The Everyday Bath Towel  

These are not as big as the bath sheets but can be just as luxurious. The ones made of Egyptian, Supima and SPACES’ exclusive Hygro cotton are soft, lush and super absorbent, while the ones made of Turkish or standard cotton are quick to dry, lightweight and easy to handle.  

  • The Compact Face Towel  

Your facial skin is prone to the most damage because it is exposed to various stressors during the day. Carrying a good face towel wherever you go is crucial for better skin care. Face towels are generally much smaller than bath towels and compact enough to carry in your bag. A good face towel is absorbent, soft on your skin, dries quickly, and light enough to carry along with you, like the unique popcorn texture face towels of the SPACES’ Swift Dry Collection.  

  • The Handy Gym Towel  

Burning those calories becomes easier when you depend on a good towel to care for the sweat. A gym towel is smaller than a bath towel but bigger than a face towel. A good gym towel needs to be super absorbent and quick to dry so that while you are at the gym, it can always be ready for more, just like you.  

  • The Caring Hand Towel  

Your palms are one of the fastest transmitters of germs, and their skin doesn’t take too long to lose its softness. This makes taking care of your hands important for your skin and hygiene. A good hand towel is crucial to this. Hand towels are smaller than bath towels but bigger than face towels. They need to be absorbent and particularly soft on your skin.  

Which is the Best Type of Towel?  

When it comes to selecting the best bath towels, efficiency in moisture absorption and rapid drying are paramount. Among the array of bathroom towels available, cotton towels are a top choice due to their quick-drying attributes.  

While microfiber towels are viable, they may not be suitable for sensitive skin. Leading towel brands, including SPACES, have introduced innovative bath towel sets like Hygro towels, redefining the luxury towel experience. Crafted from hollow cotton, these bath towel sets not only dry quickly but also become softer with each wash, elevating the overall bath towel experience. Their notable durability makes them a wise investment for those seeking long-lasting luxury towels.  

Hygro towels represent a groundbreaking advancement among different types of bath towels, merging quick drying, softness, and durability for an exceptional bathroom towel experience.  

Selecting the Ideal Raw Materials for Towels 

  • Egyptian Cotton:

Luxury towels of the highest quality are crafted from Egyptian Cotton, renowned for their superior attributes. Exceptionally absorbent and durable, these bath towel types feel soft and plush, maintaining their quality over time. These bathroom towels are the ultimate luxury choice.  
  • Bamboo:

Luxury towel sets made from 100% bamboo or a bamboo-cotton blend are highly popular in the industry. They are not only soft and flexible but also come in attractive colours. Bamboo luxury towels possess antibacterial properties and excel in water absorption.  
  • Turkish Cotton:

Luxury bath towel types made from extra-long fibres of Turkish cotton offer unmatched softness, fluffiness, and durability. Often adorned with charming, embroidered motifs, these thick bathroom towels exude an irresistible appeal while enduring extensive wear and tear.  
  • Microfiber:

A relatively recent addition to the market, microfiber towels are gaining recognition. Comprising an 80:20 ratio of polyester to polyamide, they are exceptional at absorbing moisture and efficiently capturing dust, dirt, and oil.  
  • Organic Cotton:

Luxury bath towel types crafted from pesticide and fertilizer-free organic cotton epitomise eco-friendliness. They offer exceptional softness, durability, and absorbency through environmentally friendly cultivation practices, making them the ideal choice for a sustainable luxury towel experience.

How Should You Look After Towels?  

To maintain the quality and longevity of your luxury towel sets, it's crucial to follow these guidelines:  

  • Avoid Fabric Softener: When washing your bathroom towels, refrain from using fabric softener.  
  • Pre-Wash: Always pre-wash bath towel sets before their first use.  
  • Dilute Detergent: Dilute detergent with water when washing your luxury towels.  
  • Tumble Dry: Dry your luxury towel sets on medium heat, and avoid ironing. Proper care ensures that your luxury towels remain soft and absorbent for an extended period.  


Overall, when it comes to luxury towels or bath towel sets, the five types of bath towels covered in this guide offer a diverse array of options to cater to various preferences and needs. Selecting the best bath towels, baby towels, face towels, quick dry towels, etc, ultimately depends on your priorities, whether it's luxurious softness, sustainability, quick-drying, or antibacterial properties.   

Both the look and the feel of bath towels are equally important. So look for the towels that suit your needs and preferences. Get to know about bath linen before buying towels online. While there are multiple online websites that let you buy towels of different shapes, sizes, colours and materials, SPACES is the destination that offers bath linen to cater to every taste and need.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Are there different types of towels?  

Yes, there are different types of towels, including bath sheets, everyday bath towels, face towels, gym towels, and hand towels.  

  • What are the different fabrics of towels?

Towels can be made from various fabrics, including Egyptian cotton, bamboo, Turkish cotton, microfiber, and organic cotton.  

  • What is a common towel?  

A common towel is an everyday bath towel, available in various materials, known for its softness and absorbency.  

  • What are the 3 sizes of towels?  

The three common sizes of towels are bath sheets (large), everyday bath towels (medium), and face towels (small).  

  • What GSM is best for bath towels?  

Here is a brief overview of GSM ranges in Cotton Towels:  

  • 300 to 400 GSM: Lightweight, thinner, with a coarser texture.  
  • 400 to 600 GSM: Medium to higher weight, offering softness and excellent absorbency, ideal for bath or beach towels.  
  • 700 to 900 GSM: The highest range, featuring heavyweight, exceptional softness, and absorbency, often associated with luxury towels at a premium price.  
  • What are luxury bath towels made of?  

Luxury towels are often made from high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton, bamboo, Turkish cotton, or organic cotton for their softness, durability, and absorbency.  

  • How can you tell if a bath towel is high quality?  

You can determine the quality of a bath towel by considering its GSM (grams per square meter). Higher-quality towels are typically heavier and have a higher GSM, while cheaper bathroom towels are lighter and tend to be less durable. 

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