The 60-Second Morning Ritual That Can Transform Your Day

The 60-Second Morning Ritual That Can Transform Your Day

The past year has shaped not just how we spend our days, but also our morning and sleep routines. As we continue to work from home and find the lines between work and personal lives blurring, it has become even more important than ever to create rituals that can help us set boundaries and reclaim our personal space.
The one simple thing that can greatly influence our state of mind and how we spend the rest of our day is making our bed right after we wake up. While several spiritual and corporate leaders have reiterated the importance of such a habit, most of us tend to give up our efforts for the sake of a longer snooze, an urgent email, or simply by surrendering to the mundane routine caused by the pandemic.

 Invest in designer linens

However, a good way to keep at such a ritual until it becomes a habit is to invest in designer linens like designer bedsheets, comforter sets, and quilts. After all, you are more likely to pay attention to something that appeals to your senses, has the ability to transform your room in a matter of seconds, and creates a mood that even inspires you to grab that cup of coffee and excel at whatever you set to do for the day. Check these range of designer bed linens by SPACES.

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Create a theme that energizes you 

It’s tempting to buy bedsheets and comforters that fall in line with your bedroom’s décor. However, think of this is an opportunity to transform your room’s mood in a way that inspires and energizes you. For instance, if your room has been all about pastel shades and a dreamy mood, which has resulted in you missing out your morning workouts, or you are checking emails in bed, it’s time for change. Opt for a mix of designer bedsheets, comforter sets and quilts that balance this mood. Think yellow bedsheets to go with a blue room, comforters with sharp patterns to counter dreamy walls, and so on. Needless to say, the balance will also give you the jumpstart you need in the morning to make your bed and give your day a neat start. Use this bedsheet suggester theme by SPACES to create a virtual makeover and see what look works best for you.

 Find your bed prep style 

While it’s obvious, most of us fail to realize it when we start seeing prepping our bed every morning as a chore. However, the truth is there are several ways to make a bed look great and enjoy the process. Depending on your personal preference, decide how you want to make your bed daily. Do you want to start from scratch or just give the bedsheets a quick dusting and tucking except on weekends? Would you rather the pillows be kept out of sight during the day since you are working from home? How would you like to fold your comforters and quilts for the day? Paying attention to these little details can really help you change what you perceive as a chore into a ritual that is an expression of you.
So go ahead, visualize what you need to bring into your bedroom for better balance, consider your personal bed prep style, and then take your pick from our range of designer bedsheets, comforters, and linens to experience power of mornings.

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