Styling Tips and Ideas for A Chic Bathroom Makeover

Styling Tips and Ideas for A Chic Bathroom Makeover

As the monsoon kicks in, the bathroom becomes an important space in the home that you want to give a makeover. This ensure that your home doesn’t feel all damp and dull but even closed spaces like bathrooms feel sprightly and snug. Of course, it doesn’t meant that you have to make big, sweeping changes that call for masons, plumbers, and carpenters. All you need to do is rethink the space and invest in some smart bath linens to give it a chic makeover. Here are some smart and simply ways to achieve this.

Storage and Organizers

Most bathrooms fall in two categories – ones that have everything stored in closed cabinets or those that have everything on shelf displays. Either way, it doesn’t help create a feeling of a breathable, inviting Spaces. Consider creating a balance between what should be displayed and what should be behind closed doors. While cleaning supplies can definitely be kept behind doors, make sure your display the bath linens such as hand towels, bath sheets, bath towels, as well as some toiletries. This will create a feeling of warmth in your bathroom. However, instead of displaying them individually and make things appear cluttered, invest in storage organizers made from natural materials such as bamboo. These will create a sense of space and give your bathroom an organized look.

Bath Mats and Bathroom Rugs

A smart way to transform your bathroom with some colour and texture is to use bath mats and bathroom rugs.  Not only they do add a lot of character to your bathroom, they also help define dry and wet areas in a bathroom apart from addressing wet floor concerns. For instance, if your bathroom tends to get very little natural lights and is all black and white, a yellow or green bathroom rug can make it seem a lot more bright and refreshing.

Fold Your Towels

The best organizers will fail to create the right mood and makeover if your bathroom is filled with damp, tossed up towels. Make sure your roll all your towels – bath sheets, bath towels and hand towels – in a neat fashion to create a visually striking impact that is typical of geometric patterns. For hand towels that are in use, make sure they are always crisp, dry, and smelling good, and hung on a rod to ensure they don’t stay too damp. You might also want to invest in quick-dry towels such as bamboo charcoal towels as well as swift dry and Livlite towels to ensure better hygiene and home.

Focus on the ‘Feel Good’ Factor

Lastly, a touch of details that add to the overall appeal of your bathroom are crucial to that chic makeover. A plant here… a candle there… can go a long way in transforming your bathroom. You might even want to replace the mirror with one that might have an interesting frame or change the light fixture for more contemporary appeal. Finally, remember that feel good isn’t just a surface-level feeling; invest in bath linens such as bath sheets, bathroom towels, and hand towels that come with innovative anti-viral finish technology and anti-microbial features to give you a hygienic experience, adding to your overall sense of well-being. If you are still unsure, remember, the easiest way is to change one thing at a time. And since you are working with bath linens and décor accessories, you can consider a staggered approach to transforming your bathroom. After all, it’s not like you are changing the tiles or getting a new basin. It’s just a simple, quick, and stunning bathroom makeover that you are planning all by yourself.

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