Style Breakfast in bed

Style Breakfast in bed

A breakfast in bed is perhaps the ultimate way to dish up a little love for your partner and show how much you care for them. All the efforts are worth it, because the way to your dear one’s heart is through the stomach! At Least that’s what we’ve heard. Not only is it a great way to surprise your partner but also a great way to start those extra special mornings.

Did you think cooking up breakfast was enough to make your partner swoon? In case you never knew, it’s not a breakfast in bed unless you put in some effort in styling and presenting your culinary delights to your loved ones. Sorry, we don’t make the laws. It is what it is. But fear not, we’ve found some ideas of how you can present your lovely meals in style!

The Classic Bed Tray Way!
Bed trays are a practical and stylish way to bring out your breakfast meals for your partner. While your dishes do the job of sitting pretty, the bed tray does its job of making sure there’s enough space to hold all the plates, napkins, glasses and other knick-knacks. So of course, a good bed tray with foldable legs, convenient handles is the best and a classic choice to make your mornings more romantic.

The Romantic Bed Table Way!
After you’re done with the task of cooking a delicious breakfast, what better way for your partner to relish it comfortably than you presenting it on a bed table. Using this will show just how thoughtful you are because eating from a bed table is much more convenient. And then so many options. Stately wood or wonderful patterns? Would you choose to upgrade with a built-in bud vase or with a Champagne-bottle holder? Hence it’s our pick if you want to make the best impression for your partner.

The Effortless Brunch Spread Way!
Okay, so you went overboard and made too many dishes. What then? How do you still start the morning right and make it romantic? Well, you can choose the bed-spread method. Because, rightly so - all of your partner’s focus should be on the food. Not the dinnerware or cutlery, but the delicious meals. So using simple and classic white tableware is your best go-to option for keeping things minimal yet romantic.

The Elaborate Brunch Spread Way!
Like your personality or your partner’s personality - you may choose to go a little bit extra for a breakfast in bed surprise. We say go for it. Do you want to give your partner the feeling of spending a luxurious weekend without leaving their bed? Here’s how can do that. It doesn’t matter if you choose a bed tray or a bed table, but bring out your fanciest cutlery and add other accessories like cloth napkins, silver coffee pots or teapots, flowers, and even your favourite magazines. Go all the way!

The Vintage Box Spread Way!
Another great way to start your mornings in an old-soul, romantic way is to use a vintage box as a substitute for a bed table. Not only does it look chic and classy, but it is also a convenient way to keep all the cutlery, napkins and glasses etc.

The Aesthetic Chopping Board Way!
If you and your partner’s style is more rustic and minimal, the best way to style a great breakfast in bed is use a wooden chopping board as a tray. Not only does it provide a rustic looking, hearty visual of your breakfast but it also acts as a great way to hold all your dishes, cutlery and other knick-knacks.

So these are some ideas for styling breakfast in bread and making your mornings more special and romantic. While you and your partner can indulge in delicious meals, we know you may be worrying about food spilling on your laundry, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on that front too. You can enjoy a worry-free breakfast in bed with Easy Stain Release bedsheets from SPACES. No more hassles for removing stains.

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