Sleep Soundly: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress in 2024

Mattress Online in 2023

Sleep experts agree that getting a good night's sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. And guess what? Your mattress holds a huge role in how well you sleep! But many people don't realize how important it is and keep using mattresses that don't give them enough support & comfort.  

Buying a new mattress can be an adequate investment, but it's worth it if it helps you sleep better. When buying something important, you want to choose the right one this year.  

To make things easier for you, we've compiled a guide with all the key information you need about mattresses.  

Types of Mattresses  

If you're in the early stages of searching for a new mattress online, you may have already noticed that there are different types of mattresses out there like - 

  • Memory Foam  

When it comes to pressure relief, memory foam mattresses are the top choice. These can uniquely conform to your body, alleviating pressure points and providing a sensation of being gently cradled.   

  • Latex Mattress  

These have a similar feel to memory foam, but they have a distinct characteristic of being more resilient or bouncy. This means you won't sink in as much, and the mattress will feel firmer overall.   

  • Innerspring Mattress  

Innerspring mattresses feature a coil-based support system and offer limited pressure relief and motion isolation. They provide a bouncier sleeping surface but lack in certain aspects. Budget-conscious shoppers favour these mattresses due to their lower price point.  

Different Levels of Mattress Firmness   

When deciding on the firmness level that's right for you, it's important to consider your sleep position and body type.  

1.  As per Sleep Position  

  • Side Sleepers:

This is the most common sleep position and is often recommended by doctors to prevent back pain. For side sleepers, choosing the best mattresses with soft to medium firmness levels is recommended. This helps maintain proper spinal alignment. If the mattress is too firm, it may exert excessive pressure on your hips and shoulders.  

  • Stomach Sleepers:

Those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs should opt for a firmer mattress. It's important to avoid excessive sinking of pressure points in this position.  

  • Back Sleepers:

Medium firmness is ideal for back sleepers. If the mattress is too soft or firm, it can lead to improper spinal alignment.  

  • Combination Sleepers:

If you frequently change positions during the night, a mattress with medium firmness is recommended. This will provide adequate support for your various sleeping positions.  

2. As per body type 

  • Heavier Body Weights:

If you have a heavier body, it's important to go for a firmer mattress. With more weight, there's increased pressure on the bed.   

  • Lightweight Sleepers:

If you have a smaller frame, a softer mattress is typically a better fit. Since less pressure is exerted on the bed, a softer mattress allows for better relief on your joints.   

You must consider your sleep position and weight when deciding on the ideal firmness level. For example, if you're a lightweight stomach sleeper, opting for a medium firmness can strike a balance between soft and firm support.  

Better Sleep: Overcoming Sleep Problems  

  • Mattresses for Back Pain  

Selecting the ideal memory foam mattress online can be quite a task, given the different types available, each with its benefits. Memory foam mattresses are a fantastic choice due to their remarkable ability to mould to your body's contours, ensuring excellent back support all night. It is also important to note that opting for an open-celled memory foam mattress ensures ample airflow and prevents the accumulation of heat.  

They also excel at relieving pressure points, making them suitable for individuals experiencing back pain or related issues.   

  • Mattresses for Hot Sleepers  

If you struggle with overheating during sleep, a cooling mattress can make a significant difference in keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night. While various factors can contribute to night sweats, such as physical conditions and hot summer weather, choosing the right mattress online can help alleviate the issue of sleeping hot.   

Looking for cool comfort to alleviate the issues of sleeping hot?  

Designed to relieve pressure, Sleep Deep Mattress at SPACES utilizes memory foam to provide personalized body support. It offers excellent sink-in comfort and relaxes your muscles for a restful sleep. The open-cell memory foam sets it apart, which prevents heat buildup, making it a perfect choice for hot sleepers.  

At the same time, the open-celled memory foam used in this mattress prevents heat from getting stuck inside. This means the mattress stays cool and comfortable, even during hot summers. 

Construction Features of Mattresses 

Consider the below key features if you want to ensure satisfaction with your bed:  

  • To ensure a peaceful sleep for you and your partner, choosing a mattress that minimizes motion transfer is important.  
  •  A split bed with interchangeable firmness levels is an excellent solution if you and your sleeping partner have different firmness preferences. This option is beneficial if you prefer a traditional mattress over an adjustable one.  
  •  Many mattress owners often complain about their beds sinking in at the sides. This can be uncomfortable, especially if you sleep near the edge.  

So, if you require ultimate support for your sleep, an Orthopedic Mattress is the ideal choice. It incorporates pocket springs for optimal centre support, memory foam layers soft PU foam for enhanced comfort, and support for back issues. At SPACES, our mattresses are designed to provide relief and minimal motion transfer while also promoting better airflow to ensure uninterrupted and refreshing sleep.  

Maximise your Sleep Quality 

To prolong the lifespan of your mattress, remember to take good care of it. A mattress protector protects it from allergens, dust, spills, and regular wear. Additionally, cleaning your mattress every few months will help maintain its freshness.   

It's time to explore our wide selection of mattresses, perfectly tailored to fit single, double, king-size, and queen-size beds and even customizable options to meet your unique needs. Visit our website today to buy mattress online for an enhanced sleep experience.   

Stay refreshed and sleep soundly!  

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