Save Time and Effort: Fitted Bedsheets Are the Best

Save Time and Effort: Fitted Bedsheets Are the Best

They are the most important component of bed linen, but often the most underrated one. We’re referring to bedsheets.

Bedsheets cover the mattress and protect them from environmental pollution, sweat, dirt and dust, among other pollutants. They are a cool surface for you to lay down on when you sleep. You probably have flat sheets at home – have you ever used a fitted sheet? How about you get one and see how the entire experience of making the bed changes forever?

What is a fitted bedsheet?

A fitted bedsheet is one that is literally ‘fitted’ over the mattress with elastic bands on all sides holding it in place. It is a bedsheet that differs completely from a flat sheet in form and function, but like any other sheet, it lies on the mattress and protects it from environmental pollution, and the dust and oils from your skin.

However, where a flat sheet is neatly tucked under the mattress on all sides, the fitted bedsheet is pulled over all sides of the mattress and secured with a snap of elastic, much like putting on a suitcase cover. But this is where things can get potentially problematic if you buy the wrong size of sheet – too large and it becomes loose and saggy all over the mattress. On the other hand, if it is too small, it does not snap over the sides properly and will keep coming off all the time.

Unlike a flat sheet which is slightly larger on all sides than your mattress, a fitted sheet must be more or less the same size as your mattress. This category of sheets is available in both single and double bed variants, with matching pillow cases. The trick is to measure your mattress correctly and pick the fitted bedsheet that is about a maximum of two inches larger than all sides of the mattress. If you have any questions about the sizing, you can talk to us on our website while browsing our collection.

Single or double fitted bedsheets also cannot be folded into a neat pile like flat sheets can. They tend to ‘ball up’, so avoid these if you like neat folds of sheets in your linen closet. You can learn quickly enough about folding these sheets properly to avoid excessive creasing – ask us your questions and we are happy to help out.


So why should you use them?

Fitted sheets offer several advantages, especially to a busy person such as yourself.

  • The biggest advantages they offer are convenience and savings of effort and time.
  • They are easy to put around the mattress once you know how to tuck them around.
  • They offer a simple way to use bed linen speedily and efficiently. Simply anybody can tuck the fitted sheet easily, while tucking in a flat sheet takes more time and effort.
  • Like all other bedsheets, they are washed in the washing machine or by hand after use. Do not bleach or dry clean them, and prolong their colour and thread integrity by gentle washing and air drying without exposure to direct sunlight.
  • However, take care to handle the elastic on the sheet. If the elastic loses integrity, the sheet will cease to function well and you may as well use a flat sheet.

Have you used a fitted sheet on your bed? What was your experience like, and would you use more of them? Tell us in the comments section below.

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