Returning to workplace checklist

Returning to workplace checklist

The home and back-to-work checklist: Covid Edition
As India begins its unlock phase, many people will be resuming their regular work routine after more than 3 months of working from home. This sudden change of returning to work after months can cause various emotions in people. The primary emotion being fear for one’s safety
Minimising the risk of a COVID infection is on top of everyone’s mind. So as most of us gear up to get back to work, we have prepared a simple checklist you can follow at home, before leaving, for work and coming back home from work to ensure your safety.

Leaving your home:
- Wear a mask, no matter where you are going. Carry a bag to put your mask in when not using it.
- Having wearables on your arms, like a watch and other jewellery, comes in the way of washing your hands and arms thoroughly. It’s better to avoid wearing objects like this.
- Use closed shoes and avoid open-toe shoes or sandals.
- Put your phone inside a resealable bag. Avoid using your phone while you're out, as much as possible.

While going to work:
- Make sure you disinfect your vehicle, especially the most touched parts of your car like the door, door handle, dashboard, steering wheel, gear, seat, seatbelt, etc. If you have a two-wheeler then ensure you clean it thoroughly too. Sanitise all the frequently touched surfaces.
- Avoid car-pooling with multiple people or sharing your two-wheeler with anyone to maintain social distancing. If two people are travelling in a car, they should sit in a criss-cross pattern in the front and back respectively.
- In case you’re taking a cab, make sure that the vehicle is sanitised, including door handles and seats.
- As much as possible, avoid touching lift buttons without gloves. If you take the stairs, ensure minimum contact with walls or railing.
- When entering an elevator, make sure there aren’t more than 2-3 people in the lift at once. When inside, do not face each other.

At work:
- Do not remove your mask especially when you’re around many people at work.
- When you reach your office, make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
- Disinfect your work desk and your laptop/computer. As you sit, make sure you leave at least a seat’s distance between you and your neighbouring colleague.
- Create flexible worksites that allow remote work. Let fewer people in the office, reduce on-site meetings, and discourage visitors unless absolutely necessary.
- Carry your own cutlery so that you can avoid using glass, mug, bottle and spoon from the common office pantry.
- Carry your own power bank and charger to avoid borrowing it from others.
- Discourage handshaking. We get that it’s a professional courtesy to do when you meet someone but to ensure your safety and that of others’, do not shake hands.
- Practise social distancing effectively. Make sure that desks at least six feet apart, and do not share equipment or workstations. Use plexiglass or plastic dividers, and floor decals etc to act as physical barriers.

Returning home from work:
- Take a hot bath and put your clothes in the wash when you come home. Make sure you put your clothes for washing separately and not with other clothes.
- Disinfect your cell phone and other things you carried to the office. 

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