Refresh Your Home This Festive Season: 5 Tips

Refresh Your Home This Festive Season: 5 Tips

The festive season is around the corner, and you couldn’t be happier about it. This part of the year is exciting because it brings families and friends together for celebrations and festivals. You revel in hosting parties and get-togethers and look forward to close friends and relatives visiting your home. Except – you are a little concerned that your house does not show itself to its best advantage and needs to look brighter, larger, and more in keeping with the festive spirit.

Want to refresh your home this festive season? We offer 5 tips to get you started:

#1 Start with a spring clean.

The first step begins with a deep clean. We believe that clutter and dirt invite negative energies into the home, so a de-cluttering and organising exercise is in order for the season. Next, have the house professionally deep cleaned to remove lurking grime, grease, dust, and even insect infestations. When spring cleaned and organised, the house starts looking like new once again. You can now get on to other refurbishments.

#2 Get new bedding.

Your bedroom is a sacred space that requires a lot of work to retain its cosy, warm appearance. And the bed does most of the heavy lifting in a well-designed bedroom – it is the centrepiece of the room and attracts the eye at once. Accordingly, it should be kitted out with the best bedsheets and dohars. Do browse through our festive collection of single and double bedsheets in various colours and designs, and our single and double dohar sets to complement the beauty of your new bedding. New bed linen in 100% anti-bacterial cotton or hygro-cotton lasts long and retains its colouring and fabric integrity despite repeated use.

#3 Refresh the living room with rugs and wall art.

The living room is the first space in the house that everybody enters. It is the focal point of the house, and during the daylight hours, it is also the most used space. It naturally follows that the living room must be well-decorated and spruced up this season in time to host parties and celebrations. Get new wall art to draw the eye to the walls, and new rugs to create visual balance on the floor. We have a wonderful new selection of rugs to choose from, so start browsing!

#4 Add new lamps at various points of the house.

Light is an essential component in home decoration. It wards off shadows and when used right, crafts new ‘spaces’ in the house. The festive season is the best time to bring in more light, but please do so by introducing light sources where necessary, and complement them with new fixtures. You can invest in new shades to diffuse strong light, or get pendent lights for the dining and bedroom areas, and a gorgeous chandelier light for the living room. Installing uplighters in the bathroom also gives a dreamy effect.

#5 Hit ‘Reset’ on the kitchen.

Most Indian homes refurbish and plan the kitchen as an afterthought. This means that not enough planning goes into creating the perfect kitchen. This season, aim to de-clutter the kitchen by creating more storage space, installing modular cabinets and shelves, and adding touches like coloured spice racks, wall hooks for hanging pots and pans, a foldaway coffee table in the corner, and even new fridge magnets and storage accessories.

Which of the above tips did you like the most? Do you have tips of your own to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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