Refresh your bath space with these quick decor hacks

Refresh your bath space with these quick decor hacks

Bathrooms are not just places where we groom and refresh ourselves. They’re our personal intimate space, our bubble of comfort. So why not jazz it up a little? Here’s a list of quick decor hacks you can use to spruce up your bathroom and say #HelloFreshness by lending it a wow factor! 

1. From Neutral to Colorful 

Choose a colourful bathmat to add some character and a summer vibe to your bathroom. If your space is relatively neutral, you can apply a vibrant patterned wallpaper that deflects moisture on select walls. What a fun hack! 

2. Touch of Greenery 

Bringing greenery indoors is the best way to create a tranquil, peaceful space. They have super transformative powers and can bring any space to life. Add a few lush indoor plants; place the small ones on the windowsill and bigger ones in the corner and see your bathroom transform.  

3. Accessorize Right

The right accessories will make you want to spend more time in your favourite space. Bath accessories like soap dish, holder and dispenser in the ceramic or metallic finish add a bit of modern touch. Replacing a regular mirror with a glam metallic one can not only redefine the bathroom décor but also make space feel bigger. Introduce luxury items like scented candles, bath salts and loofahs to elevate bath time.

4. Cover Up with Quirky Curtain

An effective, quick and inexpensive way to transform the look of your bathroom is to hang shower curtains that complement the decor. A shower curtain with geometric shapes can jazz up your bathroom and make it look contemporary. Or you could take your pick from monochrome,  solids or patterned prints. Whatever be your style, shower curtains can make a statement, so don't stop yourself from experimenting.

5. Treat yourself to fresh bath towels 

You can instantly refresh your bathroom by using towels as decor. Opt for a single colour for bath, face and hand towel. You can style rolled up hand towels on a flat tray, or display them in a wicker or cane basket placed on the side or mounted on the wall. 

Check out the ultra-soft, luxurious and colourful bath towels by SPACES to give your bath space a much-needed upgrade. Use these fun decor hacks to refresh your bathroom into space where you can rejuvenate your body and mind. 


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