Redecorating Kids Room: A 2024 Guide

Redecorating Kids Room: A 2024 Guide

Decorating kids room can be the most exciting, and yet the most challenging, of all room makeovers. This is even more so in the case of 2021 since kids are spending more time indoors, attending online schools, and indulging in offline activities too, from the confines of home. It hence becomes critical to create an environment that aids their development, provides them comfort, and sparks their imagination and growth. If you are looking for ways to redecorate your kids’ room without making structural changes, here are some smart ways to do so.

Make room for play

Traditionally, the bed may have been the focal point of your kids’ bedroom. However, as they spend their day indulging in multiple activities in their room, it is important to clear enough space for their play time. So make sure you shift the single bed to a side or invest in a bunk bed that comes with a study and computer table so you save on space. You can also look at investing in a wardrobe-cum-bed that can be opened at night so there is plenty of space to play around during the day. 

Of course, you can still ensure the bed remains a place of immense comfort and rest by investing in good quality mattress as well as bed linens such as bedsheets, comforters, and quilts. SPACES has a range of kids bed linens such as kids bedsheets, kids comforters, and quilts for kids to ensure they enjoy a good night’s sleep with cute prints, soothing colours, premium fabrics, and even their favourite characters.

Build a creative corner

Children of all ages love to express their thoughts creatively. For some, it might be art and for others, it might be dance and so on. Make sure you create a dedicated zone that fuels their creativity. For instance, a whiteboard where they can sketch their own stories or a dedicated wooden floor zone with disco lights for some great dancing time. This will ensure they feel their innermost desires are met even when staying indoors for extended hours. It will also serve as a great way to cut down their screen time.

Make bath hour fun

A good health and hygiene ritual is important for their physical and mental health. However, kids often tend to skip bath rituals, especially on days they don’t step out of home. Hence, it is important to go the extra mile in transforming their bath experience. An easy yet effective way to do this is to invest in shower curtains, bath rugs, and bath mats that appeal to them and may be even feature their favourite characters. This way, the bathroom can become an extension of their play world and a place that doesn’t signal a boring task but a fun, relaxing time with water and bubbles. While choosing from an extensive range of kids bath linens online offered by SPACES, make sure you also invest in premium quality hand and bath towels for your children. Towels that come with anti-viral and anti-microbial properties as well as bamboo charcoal towels that are hypo-allergenic, Hygro cotton towels which bloom and get softer with every wash, as well as quick dry and Livlite towels are just some of the options that will make your kids love their bath linens while delivering on your hygiene and easy laundry requirements. Clearly, redecorating the kids’ room doesn’t have to cost a fortune; it just requires prioritizing their needs, and implementing small but sure changes to ensure their room reflects their personality and sense of personal space.

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