Quick Dry Products That Promise To Redefine Your Laundry Time

Quick Dry Products That Promise To Redefine Your Laundry Time

The biggest challenge when it comes to housekeeping is laundry. This is especially true for bath linens and towels. It is often a challenge to wash bath towels for adults and kid towels on a regular basis since they often take long to dry. This is especially true for the monsoons and regions which less of sun. Ironically, these are the scenarios that require frequent laundry to ensure adequate hygiene and prevent growth of bacteria and microbes in damp and used linens.

If this resonates with your housekeeping and laundry situation, read on to find out how SPACES’ has launched a range of Quick Dry towels are the perfect solution to your laundry woes.

Bath Towels

Bath towels get a notorious for never drying fast, especially when washed. Often, frequent washing also leads them to fade and become coarse. This prevents a lot of people from regularly washing their bath towels. However, since they come in contact with the entire body on a daily basis, we can only imagine the amount of microbes that can grow in the towel if left unchecked for days. This can pose a serious health hazard, including skin infections. Secondly, it is also important that bath towels dry out quickly after a shower and when used the next time, are completely dry and hygienic. Since drying out in the sun acts as an effective exercise in controlling the growth of microbes, a Quick Dry towel is ideal to meet these hygiene requirements. SPACES has launched a range of Quick Dry bath towels to address this need, while ensuring the bath towels are highly soft and absorbent for a premium bath experience.

Kids Towels

When it comes to kids and hygiene, taking chances is never an option. They are prone to the slightest of infections in the air and damp or unhygienic kids towels are a recipe for disaster. What’s more, getting them to put their towels for laundry by themselves is often a failed attempt. This makes it a challenge for busy parents to ensure their kids’ towels are clean and dry at all times. Hence, SPACES offers a range of kids towels leveraging its innovation quick dry technology to ensure both, kids and parents are happy with the towels.

Face Towels

Face towels are often the most overused among all towels since they often end up being used as multi-purpose towels. Since they might even be used during bouts of cold and cough, it is extremely important to ensure they are thoroughly clean and dry at all times. Since they are often kept in damp environments such as bathrooms and hand bags, they are prone to microbial growth. Hence, it makes good sense to opt for face towels that can be washed on a daily basis and dry quickly. SPACES’ range of Quick Dry face towels, as well as its Hygro Cotton, Bamboo Charcoal, and Anti-viral range of towels are also designed to ensure maximum absorption, fast drying, and effective prevention of microbial growth. This allows you to choose quick-to-dry face towels that best meet your secondary requirements apart from fast drying.

Now that you have a fair idea about the type of Quick Dry towels you can opt for to resolve your laundry woes while ensuring adequate hygiene for your family, make sure you shop towel sets to update your home’s towels.

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