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Fur-babies, home linen and you

To allow or not to allow - that is the question! Whether to allow our pet dogs or cats on our bed is not an easy question. And many pet parents wrestle with this issue. You don’t want to spoil your pet to feel lonely but you also don’t want to spoil your fur-baby too much. Then there’s also the question if your pet is mature enough to handle sleeping on the same bed with you.
But before you decide to share the bed with your pet, here are some pet damage and health concerns you should be aware of:

Who Let The Allergens Out?
While you may not be allergic to pet dander, dogs do usually pick up and carry other allergens such as grass and pollen due to their fur. If you have allergies, best to not allow your dog into your bedroom at all. And you can forget about sharing the bed. Dogs and cats also shed in warmer seasons, so you might not be comfortable about waking up fur in your mouth and having to wash the sheets every day.

Doggy, Doggy Drool!
It’s an open secret that pets drool. Especially dogs. And some pet parents wake up to wet spots on their bed linen. So in case, you do decide to allow your pets on the bed, be mindful of this. Another thing to remember is that dogs who have unfettered access to your bed may snooze even when you’re away. Which is fine till your dog decides to relax on your bed after getting wet in the rains.

Para, para.Parasite?!
A serious issue of sleeping on the same bed with your pet is the risk of fleas and other parasites. No pet parents wish for fleas on their dogs but it can happen. It not only affects your fur-babies but can also end up affecting you. Frequent scratching by the dog and fleas can dislodge from their bodies and end up on your sheets. So before you decide, be ready to deal with the consequences.

Finding the purrfect common ground
If you do decide to allow your pet to share your bed, or it’s something you’re already doing - then you can consider having different bedding linens for both your and your pet's comfort.

A little Matchmaking won’t hurt
To camouflage all the pet hair, the best option is to use cotton linen bedsheets of a similar colour as that of your pet’s fur. Some other tricks include using tight-weave linen which has dog-hair repelling properties - such as Percale and Sateen. Sateen especially is beneficial to pet parents as the slick finish makes it easy for dog hair to slide off and not cling. 

Hurry up, layer up
A mattress protector is a must if you have any pets. It keeps your pet from ruining what is an expensive investment. It safeguards your mattress from pet pee or vomit.
Bedding experts also suggest using washable synthetic fibre filled duvets - such as foam mattress pads, waterproof mattress pads, bottom fitted sheets, top sheets etc - that can be thrown over the lower layers. You can use the Bamboo Charcoal bed sheet from SPACES as a top layer because it stays odour free for long.

Cover up, make it safe from a pup
Tired of cleaning pet hair from your bed linen? Simply add a top layer - a comforter, bed runner or a thick coverlet that will take care of any shedding on the blanket. Use easy to machine wash materials and also those which can be tumble dried easily - such as polyester or cotton. The Organic cotton bed linen from SPACES is comfortable for sleeping and is also easy to maintain. Another option is to use pet-proof bed coverings which are also available these days.

A pawsitive bed-space
You can create a separate corner on your bed for your pet to contain any mess. It could be like a little pet blanket or curl up or even a throw pillow at the end of the bed. You need to wash them frequently in hot water to keep fleas away.

Cleaning up the mess made by your pup

When you share your bed with a pet, it’s likely to get more dirty or smelly. And as we found out before, it could become a new home for allergens and parasites. So you need to ensure your linen is frequently clean and fresh. Some other hacks to keep clean include are:

Be in the loop when it’s your pet’s time to poop
It goes without saying that a pet pooping on the bed is a big no-no. So make sure you have a set routine you follow, especially in the early days of training your pup or kittens to ensure that they do not poop on the bed. If your pet eats anything suspicious or hasn’t pooped all day, keep your pet out of your bedroom until you’re sure it’s safe. 

Magic of vinegar, also a pee eraser?
Soiled linen? Removing the odour is simple. Take ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, regular detergent when washing your linen. The vinegar will neutralize the stench of urine, and there will not be a repeat performance.

Magic wand? More like a trusty sponge!
Use an ordinary sponge to get rid of pet hair off couches, bed and other upholstery. A trusty, clean and dry kitchen sponge is enough. Just run it slowly across the furniture and the fur will cling to it. No more fur problems!

DIY fur pick-upper
While lint rollers are convenient for picking up cat and dog fur, their replacement sheets can be very pricey! Instead, you can wrap some packaging or duct tape, sticky side out and voila, your very own DIY fur cleaner is ready.

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