Old Bedsheets? Just What You Need for These 6 Exciting DIY Decor Items!

Old Bedsheets? Just What You Need for These 6 Exciting DIY Decor Items!

Home is where you can crash on the bed and forget the world. And this makes it tempting to have fresh, new bedsheets welcome you when you come back home at the end of a long, tiring day. If you’re having trouble, however, letting go of your old bedsheets, we have some exciting DIY home décor items ideas to help you reuse them. Take a look:


Spaces Curtains

This is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do with old bedsheets. Cutting them up and making summer curtains for the windows instantly gives you offbeat curtains with unlimited patterns and colours. These curtains will also be easy to clean.

Lamp Shades


You can make chic lampshades out of your old bedsheets by measuring the fabric you need to cover your lampshade, cutting up the amount of bedsheet needed accordingly and then sticking it on with the right adhesive. Holding it together with wooden pins will allow the adhesive to dry. These lampshades will add charm to your room.

Wall Art:

Wall Art

Instead of going the usual way and making a patchwork quilt with your old bedsheets, you could cut up irregular patches of your bedsheets, stick them together on a hard background, make a mosaic and frame it on the wall. This will infuse warmth in any room and set your home décor apart.



With a few sticks, old besheets and lots of cushions, you can build a colourful teepee or a play tent in your children’s room. This will not only add liveliness and intimacy to your children’s room but it could also make for a place where you have great memories with them.

Dining Room Accessories:

Dining Room Accessories

Right from vintage table cloths and ethnic table runners to casual chic cocktail napkins, your old bedsheets can become everything you need for the dining room, depending on their design. You can mix and match bedsheets and make all three so that the dinner parties you throw have guests eyeing your home enviously.



For those who do have a garden, making a hammock out of an old bedsheets is a great idea. The netted hammocks aren’t going to be as comfortable or pretty as the one you make out of your favourite bedsheet.

Now that you have these ideas to inspire you, start on some quick and easy DIY projects with your old bedsheets to add your signature style to your home, and bring in those attractive new bedsheets from SPACES to make your room an inviting space.

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