No more excuses to make your bed

No more excuses to make your bed

As soon as you wake up in the morning, the day’s tasks start dawning on you, you plan out your schedule and get ready to begin your day and the make the most of it. Mornings are busy, usually when your brain is the most active. Invariably, we tend to ignore simple practices like - making your bed!

You’re not to blame, it only makes sense to leave your bed the way it is because there is no science that advises us to make our beds every day. But what if we say, there are enough reasons to making your beds, and that our parents weren’t bluffing all these years.

We agree, it’s a mindless activity but doing these odd jobs give you a few moments to prepare your minds for another busy weekday.

Making your bed is a simple routine and helps to keep your beds dust-free till the time you’re ready to sneak yourself in again. Covering your mattress with a duvet, blanket or a comforter will not let dust settle on most parts of the bed, especially in summers when the hot loo brings in a lot of dust.

No dust means your bed linen needs to be washed less often which leads to a longer shelf life for your bed sheets and pillows. The more you wash them, their threads and prints become weaker and lighter.

Making your bed in the morning also helps you be more disciplined. If, at the beginning of the day you manage making your bed, getting dressed and turn up to work or college in time, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. This feeling makes you feel positive which reflects in every task you do in the day.

Your linen remains in shape for long. It also maintains the softness than if it would have remained crumpled for the whole day.

Leaving the house with your bed unmade might not affect your day seriously but making it a routine will add to your list of good habits. It makes you believe that if you can do these simple jobs every day then the tougher jobs can be dealt with, too.

So, if you want to accomplish something first thing in the morning, set off a chain reaction of other success-building habits. Perhaps, start by making the bed and then let the rest fall into place!

It only takes a couple of minutes. Sounds like a good deal to us. Sweet dreams!

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