Making your Indoors Green and Serene

Making your Indoors Green and Serene

Our children are growing up in a world that is changing at a rampant pace & they are losing touch with the environment due to incessantly growing concrete jungles around them. Hence, as parents, it is our responsibility to nurture kids in a manner such that they understand the importance of sustainable living.

Sustainability isn’t something that can be preached. Instead, it needs to be integrated into our lifestyle so that it becomes a habit and a second nature to our children. Making eco-friendly choices is the first stepping stone to sustainable living. Gardening and upcycling are the best ways to start inculcating eco-friendly habits in young minds and it also adds the much-needed verdure to our indoor spaces.

Gardening is a therapeutic experience by itself and teaching kids to do indoor gardening gives us a wonderful opportunity to bond with them. Now you may wonder that, everything said and done, since most of us live in apartments with space constraints, how can we indulge in gardening? The solution is also indoors! Growing microgreens helps create green corners indoors, simultaneously adding freshness to your space. They are easy to grow at home. All you need are some basic ingredients found in most homes & kitchens. Watch below video for stepwise tutorial on growing microgreens.

Once you have planted the microgreens, hand over the responsibility of watering the pots daily to your children and watch them getting responsible and compassionate towards nature. Children also enjoy this activity and typically rush every morning to measure the growth. With each leaf that sprouts, kids beam brighter with joy. The smile on children’s faces and the sprouting greens both will definitely add positive vibes to your abode.

To amp up your living space, you can also make some plant hangers for the pots. By upcycling & decorating some old containers & using jute ropes or fabric, you can make these chic hangers. Watch the below video guide to make lovely plant hangers for your home.

Both these activities help you bond with your child and co-create something pleasant. Just allow kids to turn the cogs of their brain and see the creative juices flow, as they re-design nooks to make space for plants and greens indoors.

The best part is that mini home gardens are the easiest and most ecological way to redesign your indoors every once in a while, without burning a hole in your pockets. You can try planting diverse

microgreens in containers of different shapes, sizes & colors and can keep these pots in your kitchen, living room, balconies, dining space or even workspaces. Change the position of pots every now and then to refresh the look of your space. A green ambience is a treat for the eyes and waking up to greens early in the morning can be soothing for your soul.

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