Type of Bedsheet - Choose the Bedsheets which suits you the Best - Spaces

Type of Bedsheet - Choose the Bedsheets which suits you the Best - Spaces

A quick guide to help you understand the pros and cons of cotton bedsheets against polyester bedsheets. More information here.

Cotton OR Polyester: Which Bedsheets Are Best?

Buying the right bedsheet can often be difficult if you are not sure what fabric should you consider best while shortlisting your options. After all, whether you are buying online or offline, you want to invest in bedsheets that deliver on functionality. With several online bedsheet sellers offering both, cotton and polyester bedsheets online, it can be overwhelming to compare the benefits of each.

Hence, we have put together this quick guide to help you understand the pros and cons of cotton bedsheets against polyester bedsheets. Read on to understand whether a cotton bedsheet or a polyester bedsheet can be the best online bedsheet purchase for your bedroom and home requirements.

Cotton Bedsheets


Cotton bedsheets are the most preferred bedsheets since they are made from a natural, breathable fabric. They provide a comfortable sleeping experience even when the temperature gets hot. In fact, when shopping online for bed linens, a lot of people prefer cotton bedsheets since they are soft on the skin and hence, do not cause any skin abrasions or allergies even when slept on all through the night.

Further, caring for cotton bedsheets is fairly simple. They do not require any special treatment apart from being washed in cold water and in case of line drying, exposure to partial sunlight over direct sunlight to avoid fading. In fact, when you opt for premium quality cotton bedsheets such as those SPACESHygro cotton bedsheets, they bloom and get softer after every wash. You can also opt for anti-viral cotton bedsheets for a hygienic experience. 

Polyester Bedsheets


Polyester bedsheets offer their own set of advantages. First of all, they are highly wrinkle-free and do not require ironing. They are also likely to stay more in place and might require less resetting or bed preparation. Polyester bedsheets have an innate sheen that add a fresh and celebratory appeal to your bedroom. Further, due to the nature of fabric, it allows for self-texture, jacquard weave, and such other weaving patterns which isn’t always possible in other fabrics. Additionally, they also come in a range of printed designs.

SPACES offers high quality, premium polyester bedsheets for a comfortable sleeping experience. Several people also prefer polyester bedsheets because they serve well throughout the year, including during the monsoons, since they are quick to dry after being put to wash. 

Polyester-cotton blend Bedsheets

If you are looking for an option that lets you enjoy the advantages of both – cotton bedsheets and polyester bedsheets – you can also look for polyester-cotton blend bedsheets online. They offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the comfort of cotton as well as the convenience of polyester. In fact, you can find premium quality blended bedsheets that came with innovative technology such as anti-viral finish as well.. SPACES too, has a range of polyester-cotton blend bedsheets that you can choose from right away. In fact, they also make for a good option for kids bedroom. You can browse SPACES’ blended bedsheets for kids here.

To sum it up, both, cotton and polyester bedsheets offer unique advantages. Depending on your priority and requirements, you can invest in a cotton or polyester bedsheet when shopping online. You can also opt for polyester-cotton blend bedsheets to experience the best of both fabrics. Finally, it might be a good idea to stock all three types and use them as per relevance. . After all, your bedroom deserves a fresh mood every once in a while.

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