Keeping unique gifting alive this Diwali!

Keeping unique gifting alive this Diwali!

Diwali is almost here and so is that festive feeling! And this time it is going to be a lot different. Even though 2020 has been full of ups and downs, let us stop the pandemic from crushing our spirits. We will have to say goodbye to the long hours of card parties and visiting friends and family, but the one thing that remains unchanged is the tradition of spreading a festive cheer and gifting! While we’re sure you have nailed the feeling festive part, when it comes to gifting, we’ve got you covered! We also have put together some unique and safe ways to celebrate the festival staying at home. So cheer up, follow the new normal and celebrate Diwali 2020 with even more enthusiasm!

Unique ways to celebrate Diwali in the pandemic:

1. Do the seedful!

Ditch firecrackers and choose to do something that will slow down the rising level of air pollution. Plant a seed or a sapling to balance out nature around us. Choose to plant more and more trees and help mother earth this Diwali festival.

2. A DIY touch to sweet nothings!

Gifting store-bought Mithaai boxes is too mainstream. Try making Mithaais at home and send them to your friends and family, they will love that personal touch. Start with the simple ones like coconut laddoos, malai Sandesh and pedas.

3. Unleash the Kalaakar in you!

Amp up your Diwali celebration by making colourful rangolis! Give your floor an alluring look with some rangoli colours and unique patterns. They always give an extra edge to our homes. So look at traditional designs, dotted rangoli art, sprinkle rangoli art and so much more to bring in that festive feeling.

4. Surprise the unexpected ones!

Celebrating the festival with all our loved ones won’t be possible this year because of the pandemic. We are all stuck at home, wondering how to enjoy the festival to the fullest. The celebrating part is going to be a lot different for sure but the only thing that has not changed is the tradition of gifting. You can send your close ones thoughtful and practical gifts that they can use every day. And yes, you can do that through online gifting, at the comfort of your home. Gift them a token of love and put a smile on their face. Check out the SPACES website <> for unique and thoughtfully crafted home linen as a gifting option. While home linen is a popular choice, you can take it a step further by gifting bed and bath linen that is thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the comfort and health of those using it.

Here are some suggestions for some unique, thoughtful gifting options:

The Hygro Cotton Bed & Bath Linen:

Hygro Cotton king Bedsheet @ ₹ 2,959

The Hygro Cotton towels from SPACES are perfectly crafted to brighten up your mornings as they are super soft and absorbent. While the Hygro Cotton bed sheets are designed to regulate temperature by +/- 2 degrees so they keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. It’s a perfect gifting choice for your loved ones to make their Diwali relaxing and luxurious.

The Bamboo Charcoal Bed & Bath Linen: We should also care about our loved one’s health this Diwali. And so the Bamboo Charcoal bed and bath linen is a great choice. It has natural antimicrobial protection, so it stays fresh and prevents odours due to the presence of Bamboo Charcoal particles in the fabric. Send this gift to your close ones and hear them complimenting you for having a healthy and refreshing sleep.

Organic Cotton Collection:

Queen Bed Quilt Online @ ₹ 5,199

Another thoughtful gifting option can be the Organic Cotton collection of bed and bath linen. It is crafted from pure cotton that is naturally grown and sustainably sourced, making it sleep and skin-friendly as it is treated with zero pesticides and made with skin-friendly dyes. A perfect gifting option when it comes to comfort as well as health.

Take your gifting skills a notch higher! Think Diwali and immediately what comes to mind is the gifting season! We all know everyone exchanges Diwali gifts with their loved ones. Wondering how you’ll do that this year? Sending Diwali gifts online is the way to go! We have curated a thoughtful gifting solution list for you so that you can spend your time celebrating the festival without having to worry about gifts. As we know, Diwali is all about lights, bright colours and happiness, so a perfect Diwali gifting option would be something that matches its vibe. The Spaces - Rangana collection is one such range of elegant bed linen that captures a festive vibe and brightens up your home.

Rangana by SPACES is inspired from the traditional Indian artforms like papier mache art and embroidery art of Kashmir, Nakashi paintings of Telangana, Rogan art of Kutch and Sholapith art of Bengal and other folk art forms. You can send your orders gift-wrapped to your loved ones this festive season, so check out the SPACES website for new designs of the Rangana collection. The six elegant and vibrant designs of the Rangana bedsheets for this year are called Meenakari, Malakaar, Nirrona, Kashida, Gulrana and Ekshila.

Rangana Niyama King Bedsheet @ ₹ 2,249

Meenakari: The word means to place paradise onto an object and is a traditional art form native to Rajasthan. With the Meenakari range from Rangana, you can surely invite a slice of heaven into your home and change the vibe of your space.

Malakaar: This design is inspired from the Sholapith art of Bengal. Traditionally this has patterns of figurines and flowers. A perfect choice to bring an enchanting look to your space.

Nirrona: This range of SPACES Rangana bed sheets is inspired from the Rogan paintings of Kutch. The intricate designs and patterns will transform your home into a small haven of folk-art and add a touch of tradition to a festive mood.

Kashida: The Kashida range draws its inspiration from the embroidery art of the same name that is native to Kashmir. With designs that show a glimpse of the rich culture, your space will feel like a paradise in no time because of this Rangana bedsheet.

Gulrana: This range is inspired by the papier mache art of Kashmir and consists of patterns of flowers and leaves found in nature. With the Gulrana bed sheets, bring home the richness and beauty of floral gardens this festive season.

Ekshila: The designs of this range are inspired by the Nakashi art or Cheriyal scroll paintings of Telangana. Fine lines and meticulous patterns are what make this design unique and adds a touch of heritage to your space.

Diwali celebrations this year may have a new twist, there are still plenty of options for unique gifts that you can explore. And if you’re someone classic who prefers the timeless and traditional gifting options of home linen, then you should check out the new Rangana collection and other range of linen like Hygro Cotton, Bamboo Charcoal and many more on the SPACES website.

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