This Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrate with Ethnic Bedding Collection - Spaces

This Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrate with Ethnic Bedding Collection - Spaces

It’s a time for celebration, a time of joy! Ganesh Chaturthi is back again, bringing with it a spirit of community and revitalisation. As you start the process of welcoming the beloved Lord Ganesha home, there’s so many things you must look into. The most important among these is to transform your home into a space fit for a heavenly abode. The easiest way to commence is by changing your home decor, starting with getting ethnic bedsheets to match this festive season.

What Are Ethnic Bed Sheets

As the name suggests, ethnic bedsheets feature designs that hold cultural value. They often contain motifs or prints that are indigenous or ethnic in origin. Being a land that boasts an amalgamation of traditions, folklore and heritage, there is a vast variety of bedsheets available, with stunning designs. These types of ethnic bed sheets are a wonderful way to display our stunning culture, as can be seen in the SPACES range of ethnic bed sheets like the Rangana Debjani set of bedsheets and the Rangana Ektaal double bedsheet set. These types of prints will match the vibe of the much anticipated Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Patterns In Ethnic Bed Sheets

Ganesh Chathurthi is a time for colour, creativity and joy, and what better way to describe that than the diverse textile patterns one can find in India. Our country’s rich cultural heritage has one very big advantage; there’s never a lack of beautiful weaves and prints in our textile industry. Even in bedsheets, you can easily find traces of our nation’s artistic history, through a vast array of patterns from different regions. As such, there are a number of communities that excel in block printing and have their own unique spin on designs and patterns. Some of the most popular ones include:

Gujarat - Gujrat boasts multiple specialty prints such as the Sodagiri print and Ajrakh design. The Kutch region is also famous for its designs of animals, birds, and dancing girls. You can find a great collection of such prints at SPACES, especially the Rangana Nalgona Ornate Bedsheet set           

Rajasthan - Rajasthan is known for its Jaipuri prints, Bagru (Syahi-Begar and Dabu prints), Sanganer (Calico and Doo Rookhi print), Pali and Barmer (Sikar and Shekahawat prints). The Rangana Debjani collection and the Rangana Niyama collection are great examples of such ethnic prints.

West Bengal - West Bengal was introduced to block printing in the early twentieth century. Since then, this vibrant state has mastered the more traditional designs and made their own unique style as well - Serampore. Andhra Pradesh- Andhra Pradesh has a special printing style, where they use a combination of both hand and block printing. The name of this style is Kamakari art and as the name suggests, it is a style that is created with the assistance of a pen. The Rangana Niyama collection is inspired by this type of ethnic print.

Sizes In Ethnic Bed Sheets

Over the years, SPACES has developed a curated range of ethnic bedsheets that are available for all needs. You can find single bed sheets and double bedsheets in this collection. These can be used for a variety of purposes, from dressing up beds to divans and even acting as accessories to enhance your sofa’s image. You can get these single bed sheets and double bedsheets in the form of fitted creations as well in the ethnic bed sheet range. Since Ganesh Chaturthi will mean more guests, it is always good to have extra bedsheets in different sizes, so your guests can be as comfortable as Lord Ganesh.

Collections In Ethnic Bed Sheets

For your Ganesh Chaturthi shopping convenience, we have listed the collections at SPACES that feature the finest selections of ethnic bedsheets. The first is the Rangana collection, which features a variety of ethnic bedsheets and quilts in an assortment of patterns. The second is the Atrium collection, which features a vast assortment of single bedsheets and double bed sheets, that are soft to touch and accentuate a multitude of ethnic prints and embroidery.

The next collection to take note of is the Hygro Cotton Bedsheets Collection, which doesn’t just feature prints from all over India, but also has a special function of being temperature regulating bedsheets. You can also take a look at the Anti-Viral collection of bedsheets, which have style and substance. They display an array of Batik and Calico prints. They also help in safeguarding consumers against harmful microbes.

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