How To Pick The Best Bath Towels: 3 Tips

How To Pick The Best Bath Towels: 3 Tips

You’re just out of a shower and reach out for your towel. While you’re wiping yourself, you realise that the towel feels scratchy and stiff on the skin. You want a softer feel after the wonderful shower you’ve just had. Then you realise that all the towels in your linen closet are like the one you’re currently using. It’s time to get new ones!

Towels are important – we just don’t realise it!

For most of us, towels are simply thick fabrics that we wipe our skin with after a shower. But they are much more than that – the cleanse the skin and dry it after the bath, and reduce the chances of you catching a cold by lingering moisture. They wick away all the excess moisture from the skin and hair and let you dry quickly. They are designed for repeated use, so they offer the same quick drying action time and again. But not all towels are created equal, and some are quite poorly made. If you’re looking to buy new towels online for the home, do so after checking the next 3 tips:

#1 Look for 100% cotton towels.

Most bath towels are made of cotton, but you would do well to pick one that is made of 100% cotton. Cotton bath linen is highly absorbent, easy to dry and non-fussy in terms of maintenance. You can wash it in the washing machine using your usual detergent, and dry it in the shade before folding away for future use. Cotton towels also show a better shelf life and are easier on the skin. Be sure to pick a plush one that rapidly absorbs water and sweat without the need to swipe the skin multiple times. At Spaces, we have Quik Dry towels that are ideal for daily use and which are super easy to maintain as well.

#2 Pick the right colour and heft.

You know the kind of bath towel you need. Now go online to browse through the collections of leading brands to get the right colours, size and thickness. You might be tempted to buy thin cotton towels from less-known companies, but these may not be of good quality and not do the job of quickly drying the skin with a single swipe. When picking a towel online, go for a thick one that has some heft, instead of a thin one that becomes scratchy and stiff with each wash. You can pick bath towels online in a colour scheme that matches that of your bathroom, or in colours and designs that appeal to your personal design aesthetic. A fun idea is to pick bath towels and hand towels in the same colour and have the sets in use at the same time – this imparts orderliness to the bathroom and is visually appealing, too.

#3 Choose the best brand in bath linen

As mentioned above, you must always choose premium bath linen brands when picking bath towels online. Brands like Spaces have not just a range of designs and colours to offer, but we also guarantee the finest quality, high thread count and great prices on all our bath linen products. Browse through our collection to pick towel sets in the same or different colours, wonderful new designs and a whole new kids’ towel range featuring their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters.

Make bath time fun and fulfilling with the right towels. Go ahead and rehaul your bath linen closet with a new set of bath and hand towels this season.

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