How to keep your linen odour-free this monsoon

How to keep your linen odour-free this monsoon

Monsoon is in full splurge, and we are enjoying the cosy weather. A picture of ultimate bliss is a warm mug of coffee, an engaging novel, and the rain pattering outside while you are snuggled comfortably in your bed.  

But this beautiful season comes with its problems. And the biggest one is - clothes and linen that wouldn’t dry easily. We’re sure the damp monsoon weather worries you about your precious bed linen and its care, but we have found a few simple and effective tips to keep the foul odour away!  

Top 6 ways to keep your bed linen odour-free

Fresh and clean bed linen contributes to a comfortable and inviting sleeping environment. To ensure your bed linen remains odour-free, consider implementing the following practices:  

Tip 1: Shut out the dampness  

To begin with, remember to always keep your glass windows shut during the day - when you’re not at home. This way, the spray of heavy rain and moisture cannot sleep in through the window. It may not seem necessary at first, but if exposed to dampness for a long time, bed sheets and pillows begin to stink eventually.  

Tip 2: Iron away the moisture

Now, when it comes to washing them, you could try Dry Cleaning instead of machine washing. But that’s not a feasible option when your household throws plenty of bed linen in the laundry bag. Iron lightly to ensure that your bedsheets and pillow covers are not damp after machine wash so that the last bit of moisture evaporates.

Tip 3: Store with care

As for storage, your foremost concern should be to check whether the closet is completely dry. Once you have made sure, bring home a few packets of silica gel, which we usually see in newly bought handbags and purses. They serve the same purpose - keeping the objects dry and fungus-free. So, grab hold of a few packets with fragrance and place them randomly between the folds of your sheets.  

If you can’t find them in the nearby stores, you can replace silica gel packets with plain chalk pieces placed in the corners. They don’t add any fragrance, but they do the job of absorbing dampness.  

Tip 4: Linen as fresh as new 

A new age way of reducing the drying time in washing machines is using ‘dryer balls’. Dryer Balls aren’t conventional yet, but they have been proven to reduce the drying time, ultimately leading to energy savings in every load. These chunky balls can be natural (made of wool) or made of rubber; their function is to keep linen and clothes detangled in the load. As a result, they dry quickly and keep the bad smell away.  

Tip 5: Light Camphor at home  

This serves multiple purposes, including religious rituals and eliminating undesirable odours. Begin by igniting a few camphor pieces in each room, housing your bath towels, pillows, bedsheets, quilts, blankets, dohars, and duvets. Seal the windows to contain the fumigation for around 15 minutes. This aromatic substance has also proven effective in combatting fungal infestations.  

Tip 6: Remove stains naturally  

Worried about coffee spills on your bed linens, especially bath towels, pillows, bedsheets, quilts, blankets, dohars, and duvets? For natural stain removal, apply vinegar or liquid detergent, wait twenty minutes, then gently rub with a microfiber cloth and warm water to effectively remove stains and keep your linens smelling fresh.  

Keep Your Bed Linen Smelling Fresh During Monsoons

To ensure your bed remains a comfortable and inviting haven, even during the rainy season, here's how you can maintain a delightful sleeping environment during monsoons:  

1. Clean Your Mattress:

Monsoon humidity can lead to the growth of mould and mildew, which can cause unpleasant odours on your mattress. Regularly clean and vacuum your mattress to remove any accumulated dust, dirt, and potential allergens. During monsoons, paying attention to the corners and edges of the mattress is especially crucial, as these areas are more prone to moisture buildup. 

 2. Use a Mattress Protector:

Invest in a high-quality waterproof mattress protector to safeguard your mattress from moisture, spills, and humidity during the monsoon season. A mattress protector protects it from allergens, dust, spills, and regular wear. Choose protectors that let air pass through but keep water out. Remember to clean them regularly to enjoy fresh and cosy sleep even when it's rainy outside. 

 3. Choose the Right Bedding:

Opt for breathable bedding materials that allow air circulation and wick away moisture. Natural fibres like cotton can be a great choice, as they can help prevent the trapping of moisture that leads to odours. For this, SPACES bedsheets are thoughtfully designed with materials like Egyptian cotton, a fabric celebrated for its breathability and luxurious feel, fostering an environment  conducive to sound sleep.   

Do's & Don'ts for linens during the monsoon  

  • Choose Quick-Drying Material  

When making online purchases, consider options like high-quality cotton or other moisture-wicking fabrics to prevent unpleasant odours caused by prolonged dampness. Don't overlook the Anti-Bacterial 100% Cotton Bath Towel when shopping online—an ideal monsoon companion uniting functionality and quality. SPACES presents a meticulous range of bath towels, skillfully fashioned from premium cotton for remarkable absorbency and swift drying.  

  • Use Iron on Low Heat

An additional useful method for maintaining the freshness of your linen collection throughout the rainy season involves employing a low-heat iron. Once it has dried partially but retains a slight dampness or persistent odour, using a low-heat iron can effectively remove any residual moisture and eliminate bacteria responsible for musty odours.  

  • Do not use fabric softeners 

Experts and reliable sources suggest not using them because they can make linen less able to soak up water. If you want your linen collection, including bath towels, pillows, bedsheets, quilts, blankets, dohars, and duvets, to feel soft and not cling to things, use fabric softeners a little bit or try other things like wool dryer balls. These alternatives can make your bed linen or other linen collection soft without making them worse at drying you off.  

Final Thoughts  

To further enhance the odour of your bed linen, add a few drops of essential oils to woollen dryer balls, and your bedsheets will smell irresistibly pleasant!  

Use any of these foolproof tips and revel in the warmth of your home without worry.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is linen good for monsoon?  

Linen, being a natural fabric, presents itself as a favourable choice for the monsoon season. You can choose breathable bed linen materials like Egyptian cotton. These prevent moisture buildup and unpleasant odours during the rainy season.

2. How do you keep linen smelling fresh during the Monsoon?  

To maintain fresh-smelling linen during the monsoon, remember to keep windows closed during the day to prevent moisture infiltration. When storing, opt for a dry closet and use silica gel packets within folds to avoid dampness and maintain a pleasant aroma.  

3. How do I stop my bed sheets from smelling during monsoon?  

Make certain your bed linen is thoroughly dry before storing. Utilize moisture-absorbing techniques such as silica gel to ward off dampness and thwart odours. This approach helps prevent dampness and odours in your linens.  

4. What are tips to protect mattresses during the monsoon?  

Ensure you clean your mattress to prevent mould and mildew growth every month. Use a high-quality mattress protector to shield it from moisture and spills.  

5. How do you get moisture out of a bed in the rainy season?  

Ensure proper ventilation, use moisture-absorbing materials like silica, and consider using a low-heat iron to remove residual dampness.  

6. How do you store linens in a humid climate?  

Store linens in a dry and well-ventilated area. Use moisture-absorbing solutions like silica gel or chalk to prevent dampness and maintain freshness. 

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