How Spaces can enhance the look of your Kids’ room in this Monsoon

How Spaces can enhance the look of your Kids’ room in this Monsoon

Spaces is all about introducing a special range of bedding for children, incorporating fun elements, utmost safety, and comfort for them. You can add magic to your child’s sleep space by decorating their rooms with their favourite characters' beddings and captivating kids' bed linen. Woven from high-end materials, especially hygro cotton, which is anti-viral & anti-bacterial, these Disney princess bed sheets are attractive and skin-friendly and will keep the kids safe, cosy and comfortable.

Rendered in playful designs and patterns, the Motu Patlu bed sheets appeal to children of all age groups and animation lovers as well. 

Tips for selecting the Best Bed Linen for your children

Parents always want the best for their kids, and they would want to ensure superior quality bedding so that their children can enjoy a decorative bright room and sound sleep. You can use the following tips and techniques to select the most comfortable bedding for your little ones:

1. Light fabric

You must make sure that you opt for a light fabric that doesn’t end up in wrinkles or crunches over mattresses.

2. Quality matters

Children’s skin is delicate and sensitive, so you must select your kid’s favourite mickey mouse bed sheet that will eliminate such risks as breathable and hygro cotton bedsheets. It is a popular choice during summers because of its natural cooling effect that absorbs heat from you. Besides the material, you must consider the weave of the bed linen, which should have a smooth finish that ensures durability.

3. The right size and the perfect fit.

Children jump around and do a lot of stuff on the bed, so the bedsheets must not slip off the corners. Save yourself from the hurdles of removing wrinkles & settling moving sheets now and then, and choose the right fit.

4. Easy to clean bedding

Your Elsa bed sheet should be machine-washable and should not be difficult to clean or handle.

5. Play around with a variety of colours

By offering your children a fascinating Disney bedsheet, you can bond with your kid and help him decorate his room the way he wants to.You can try several character sheets of his choice in different colours like passionate red, comforting orange, energetic yellow, nurturing green, healing blue, mysterious purple, innocent white, feminine pink, or authoritative black.

6. Coordinate your bedding.

You can determine your style of Disney bed sheets and aim for a perfectly coordinated look with the bed headboard and other fabrics or furniture in the room.

7. Seasonal bed linen.

Although it is quite convenient to have different kinds of material according to seasons but to get Disney princess bed sheets that look lovely all year round is cost-effective and wise.

8. Accessorise your bed linen

Yes, you can accessorise your Spaces Collection for Monsoon with decorative pillows, carpets and runners, bathroom linen, comforters, duvet covers, and others. This collection is the perfect combination of appeal and comfort.


By following the above tips, you can now create a dream bedroom for your child and beautify it with Spaces Collection and let them enjoy a comfortable sleep. Delight your kids with impressive, vibrant, stylish, elegant, and attractive frozen bed sheets and indulge in an incredible online shopping experience.

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