Hotel is Where The Home is!

Hotel is Where The Home is!

Are you missing the comfort of staying in a hotel and want to check in to the glamour of resting in hotel-like luxury? Look no more and miss no more. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks through which you can add a touch of high-gloss but with affordable costs!

It all starts with a bed!

The best part of an overnight luxury hotel experience has to be cosying up on a big, comfy bed. So if you’d want to recreate the feel of a hotel at home, then start with a little bedroom makeover. You will need top quality bedding arranged exactly like it’s done in the hotel. It’s a simple trick called triple sheeting. Layer a thin blanket or comforter between two starched sheets. Tuck everything nicely and tightly. This technique creates a bed that feels crisp and clean, besides being very cost-effective and easy to achieve. Add a plush throw pillow or a soft blanket for that added touch of five-star treatment.

For bed linen, you can choose neutral tones like that of the SPACES Hygro Cotton Collection, to give a premium, luxury look to your bedroom.

Refresh your home linen by using a relaxing spray. Make it by adding a few capfuls of vodka into a pint-sized spray bottle of distilled water, then add about 20 drops of any essential oil. And voila! You have fresh sheets for an incredible night’s sleep.

Vibe it or not, but colors matter!

Colours are extremely important to give your bedroom a unique vibe. You can either choose a palette consisting of neutral, calming colours or brighter shades for your linen and curtains. Neutral colour palette leads to a calm sense of mind, which is exactly what you need in the bedroom. And the neutral palette goes beyond the walls—neutral drapery and upholstery work together to create a relaxing vibe. To get the look for your bedroom, skip the red sheets and opt for soft shades of blue or white.

Take it personally!

Real hotel rooms tend to have very little to no personality, so for your home-to-hotel makeover make sure that you add your own eccentric, personal touch. After all your bedroom is your haven. Keep it simple and understated, but add a dash of fun and quirk here and there -whatever makes you wake up with a smile. So it could be anything like flowers, art, or decor items. Your space should feel personal, not cluttered.

Don’t skip the little things! It’s not just the bed linen or the decor that completes the five-star hotel feeling, but also all of the little details. You can add a few tiny touches that you frequently see in hotel bedrooms. For example, you can leave glass and a water carafe on the bedside table. Put flowers on the bedside table, use scented candles in the room and invest in a sound machine. You can also keep a pile of new magazines to read and relax. But make sure it’s not looking too cluttered. Avoid too many trinkets and piles of unread books.

When it comes to scented candles use earthy, fruity or floral scents such as fig, citrus, sandalwood, firewood, and cedar.

Gather all the pillows!

Hotel rooms often have colour coordinated pillow combinations on their beds. To get this look, you can add about 3-4 colourful, small pillows so your bed always looks cosy and inviting. You can also add large, square pillows to anchor the back of your hotel bed. Not only do they look luxurious but are also functional. You can lean back and read or sleep or simply zone out.

Let the lighting strike!

While a standard hotel room has many sources of light consisting of wall lights, overhead lights, etc. To improve the lighting in your bedroom you can try using table lamps or large, standing lamps. Each lighting source creates a different mood and serves a different function. Try to have adjustable and dim lights for the sleeping area, while bright table lamps for a desk area. Think about the functions that space in your house serves (bedroom, home office, makeshift yoga area etc) and choose the lighting accordingly. Rug the right way! The perfect, fluffy rug can elevate the look of a room like nothing else. It can even become the centre of attention in your space. You can choose neutral colours to make the space more warm and relaxed or choose brighter shades or bold patterns to make it stand out and add a dash of quirk to your space. If you’re generally bare feet in your home or bedroom, make sure you choose a rug that’s soft and fluffy.

With these tips, you’ll soon be relaxing in your own five-star space and singing your own version of The Eagles classic. Hotel California? Pass! Welcome to the Hotel Home, such a lovely place, such a lovely place!

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