Here’s What You Need To Know About Runners For Your Kids Bedroom

Here’s What You Need To Know About Runners For Your Kids Bedroom

Runners and Rugs are a significant accessory to add luxury, sophistication, and that cosy factor to a room, especially if the bedroom is wall-to-wall hardwood. There is a lot of consideration required when choosing the right runner for a kid’s bedroom, as the selection process could be difficult.

Kids’ rooms allow you to show your creativity by adding some charm and fun. A good runner provides safety, security, warmth, and comfort to the child, especially when most of their time is spent on the floor crawling, playing, reading, or drawing. Runners add colour, design, and texture to the bedroom and make it chicer and more stylish.

Advantages of placing the perfect runner in your child’s bedroom

  1. It serves as a great sound insulator for the rest of the house, and you and your neighbours can be spared from the loud thundering of something dropping on the floor
  2. The biggest advantage of placing a bedside runner for your kids’ bedroom is that it offers a soft and smooth landing for them when they wake up in the morning.
  3. Suits your pocket as runners are much more affordable than rugs or wall-to-wall carpets.
  4. You can replace runners according to seasons and move them easily while cleaning.

Factors to consider before buying a runner for the bedroom

1. Age of the child 

The preferences and habits of every child vary with age which should be considered before choosing the right runner for his bedroom. For example, if buying a runner for a toddler’s bedroom, make sure it is plush and smooth and of a durable material like hygro cotton, which is also anti-viral & anti-bacterial. Runners provide a soft designated space for the kids to play securely. Kids of slightly bigger age would need comfortable runners, preferably in darker shades, for their creative and artistic minds.

2. Size

Normally kids don’t have huge beds, so you could either opt for a bedside runner using the two-thirds rule. You could purchase a runner for both sides of the bed and achieve the look of a massive floor covering.

3. Colour 

A dash of bold colours can stimulate the child's creativity and add a fun actor to his bedroom. It can brighten the whole ambience and add sheer joy, providing security and conviviality to the child. You can also choose to mitigate the visual clutter and consider neutral pastels or solids, preferably for older children. A mix and match theme with the rest of the décor in the room is also in fashion these days.

4. Themes 

You can shop for various bed runners online  in a variety of styles like their favourite movie-themed runners – avengers, Disney, frozen, or cartoon characters. These could be space or animal-themed and styled in fun and geometric shapes and patterns. Star Wars and Frozen theme runners seem to entice all age groups.

5. Washable Runners 

Make sure that your runners are child-friendly, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine washable. Let us not forget, you are buying a product for kids, who are prone to causing damage to accessories.

6. Material 

Go for natural materials like cotton, silk, or wool, which are safe and comfortable for our child. Always opt for washable, stain and water-resistant runners so that they can be well-maintained and kept germ-free. While considering bed runners online for rooms with underfloor heating, a thin cotton runner would be advisable, which is soft, easy to clean and maintain.

7. Remember - runners cannot be permanent.

Change is constant, especially when it comes to choosing runners for your kids’ bedroom. This change could be seasonal or occasional.

8. Weave

Many often ignore this factor, but a loosely woven runner made of cheap material and not stitched well may end up in tears, pulls, and threads. Machine-made or flatwoven runners can be a sturdy choice for your child’s bedroom.

9. Safety

You must consider safe practices and always choose a non-slip, robust, and good quality runner to avoid the children slide and slip and save them from major injuries.


Runners not only elevate the design and comfort of your kids’ bedroom but also encourage fun, creativity, and play. Functionality is the key when choosing the right runner. It is imperative to consider their needs, choices, and interests while choosing the right runner to stand up to spills and accidents and inspire play and creativity.

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