Get The Right Blanket For The Weather Around You!

Get The Right Blanket For The Weather Around You!

With the chill of winter settling in, it’s more important than ever to refresh your collection of cosy, soft blankets online! But with the sheer variety available today, picking the right blanket has become more difficult. But this is a very important task. Our blankets keep us warm, provide comfort and relax us. Everyone’s comfort comes from different factors, which you should consider before purchasing.   

That is why we’ve collated a list of blankets with their unique strengths so you can pick the one that matches you best.  

  • Blankets 

Blankets are cozy, warm covers made from different materials like cotton or wool. They keep us snug during cold weather and are found in various designs to match our style. They not only serve a practical purpose but also evoke a sense of security and comfort. Available in various designs to suit individual styles, SPACES blankets are often hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. These cozy blankets make thoughtful gifts for upcoming celebrations. Buy blankets online from SPACES to share warmth and luxury with your loved ones. With a range of designs and sizes to choose from, you can personalize the gift to match their unique style and needs, creating a cherished and practical present. 

  • Comforter  

A comforter is a prevalent type of blanket that is made by stitching together two large fabrics. These are stuffed with warm materials like feathers, cotton, or other synthetic materials, which help bed comforters provide warmth, even on the coldest day. They come in various styles, sizes, and patterns so that you can customise your comforter blanket according to your preferences. You can even switch up the style of your comforters by adding a duvet cover into the mix. While there are several benefits of getting comforters for winter, the most important thing to remember is the temperature where you live. Since these are created to be soft blankets for winter, it will be difficult to use them if you stay in a warmer region. You can find 100% cotton comforters on the SPACES website by browsing collections like Atrium, Occasions, Unwinders and more.  

  • Duvet  

A Duvet is a comfort blanket that’s similar to a comforter but has more layers. This makes duvets thicker, warmer, and soft blankets for winter. A major difference between comforters and duvets is that we use covers for duvets, giving them an extra layer and interchangeable style. This makes a duvet easier to clean, as you can just switch out the cover for another one. Another advantage is that when the temperature is higher, you can simply use the duvet cover as your comfort blanket! You can find duvet covers on the SPACES website that are made from 100% cotton in the Sky Rise or Hygro Cotton collections.  

  • Dohar  

Dohars are soft blankets that originated in India. These cotton blankets were traditionally made by stitching layers of muslin cloth by the women of the family to provide warmth and comfort all season round. Today, these dohars are made by layering together 100% cotton cloth, but still provide the unmatched comfort of the past. This is especially great if you live in an area where it’s not too cold, as this type of comfort blanket is often used as a summer blanket. You can find a wide variety of dohars on the SPACES website when you browse collections like Earthy Tones, Cambric and Kids.  

  • Specialty Fabric  

While there are several excellent choices available in the blankets category, sometimes you wish to choose the blanket that rises above the norm and stands out from all other choices. At such a time, you should opt for blankets with special features. When browsing the SPACES website, you can find such blankets under collections like Anti-BacterialViral, Bamboo Charcoal or Temperature Regulating. Anti BacterialViral blankets are designed to eliminate surface-level organisms responsible for spreading viruses, making your sleep safer and more fulfilling. Bamboo charcoal blankets follow a similar trend, keeping you safe from harmful bacteria and microorganisms responsible for bad odours, disease, and more. The temperature blanket is unique as it adjusts to your internal body temperature, so your sleep can remain undisturbed and of good quality. 

How Weather Influences Your Sleep?  

Have you ever observed how varying weather conditions can influence your sleep quality and overall well-being?  

The external environment significantly contributes to our rest, with alterations in pressure, humidity, precipitation, and temperature affecting us in diverse ways. Enhancing our sleep and addressing fatigue requires a comprehensive understanding of how weather influences us, particularly during seasons like winter and monsoon.  

Certain blankets online are crafted to excel in all seasons, offering warmth during winter and breathability in summer. Seek out adaptable blankets designed to enhance your sleep quality, regardless of outside weather.  

Ideal Blanket for Every Season: Key Factors to Consider

Choosing the perfect blankets for any weather necessitates careful consideration of each product's unique qualities. Here are useful tips to assist you in making the right choice:  

  • Harmonise with Minimalistic Decor: Opt for a solid-coloured queen or king-size blankets online to align with a minimalistic ambience. If your room predominantly features a white colour palette, consider choosing darker shades of your preferred colour to introduce a contrasting element.  
  • Embrace Fleece Blanket Trends: Indulge in the cosy and luxurious feel of fleece blankets, especially when paired with velvety cushions and bed sheets for extra comfort and style.  
  • Coordinate with Wall Colors: Select quilts that complement your wall colours; solid-coloured comfort blankets harmonise well with lighter shades and vice versa, creating a visually pleasing and cohesive effect.  

So, find your ideal blankets at SPACES online, where warmth, comfort, and seamless decor converge to create a cosy sanctuary for all occasions.  

What Are the Best Blankets for All Seasons?  

Depending on where you live, the weather can change a lot throughout the year. So, what makes a great blanket for any kind of weather? Let's talk about cotton: is it the best material? It just might be. Cotton is super soft and breathable, which makes it perfect for days when the weather can't make up its mind. It keeps you warm on chilly mornings but still feels light and airy as the day gets warmer. If you or your loved ones deal with allergies and itching, cotton blankets that are hypoallergenic could be a game-changer. Plus, they come in different levels of warmth, so you can find the perfect one for all seasons. 

Choosing the Perfect Blanket with SPACES  

Selecting the ideal blanket with SPACES to suit every season is a thoughtful endeavor that enhances comfort and complements changing weather. SPACES, a brand synonymous with quality and design, offers a range of blankets tailored for different seasons, ensuring a cosy and stylish experience year-round.  

SPACES presents luxurious, cosy blankets made from high-quality materials such as wool or fleece for chilly winters. These blankets provide exceptional warmth, cocooning you in comfort during the coldest nights. In contrast, their lightweight, breathable cotton blankets online are perfect for the warmer months, allowing for optimal airflow and a refreshing feel.  

Varied seasons demand a range of blanket choices. Get a diverse array of Flannel, Fleece, and Mink blankets at SPACES, each tailored to unique preferences and imbued with distinct characteristics to enhance your comfort experience.  


Blankets from India are like cosy superheroes, keeping us snug in every season. Picking the right one online is like choosing a sidekick for your sleep – consider how you snooze and what you like. Think about the season and what the blanket's made of.  

And, if you're on the lookout for the absolute best blankets online that make sleep feel like a dream, your search stops here! We have an exquisite collection of blankets for all seasons. We're all about quality and making your sleep setup look awesome.  

You can buy blankets online that are not only comfy but also give a premium look to your bed space. Moreover, these affordable blankets make indulging in luxurious comfort a reality for all.  

Upgrade your sleep game by snagging a SPACES blanket online today! Quality, style, and budget-friendly – we've got your back (literally!).  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Which quality is best in a blanket? 

The best quality in blankets often depends on personal preference, but SPACES offers a range of high-quality options, including luxurious wool or fleece for chilly winters and breathable cotton for warmer months. 

  • Which blanket is the most warm? 

For maximum warmth, consider and buy blankets online at SPACES made from high-quality materials like wool or fleece, designed to provide exceptional warmth and comfort during the coldest nights. 

  • Is a blanket good for winter? 

Yes, blankets are essential for winter, and SPACES offers a variety of options, including comforters, duvets, and specialty blankets, each crafted to provide warmth and comfort tailored to different preferences and seasons. 

  • What is an all-weather comforter? 

An all-weather comforter is a versatile option designed to excel in all seasons, offering warmth during winter and breathability in summer. Opt for adaptable weather blankets to enhance sleep quality regardless of external weather conditions, featuring unique qualities like temperature regulation. 

  • What is the difference between a summer blanket and a winter blanket? 

Blankets designed for summer are often crafted from lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. In contrast, winter blankets tend to be thicker and heavier, commonly constructed from materials such as wool and fleece. 

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