Fitted Bedsheets: Myths v/s. Facts

Fitted Bedsheets: Myths v/s. Facts

Tidying the bed each morning, and prepping it every evening before bedtime can be a real chore. This is true for most of us – couples with kids, professionals with hectic jobs, homemakers with unending tasks, and seniors with mobility challenges. This is where fitted bedsheets, or fitted sheets as they are often called, can come to the rescue. Fitted bedsheets have been designed to make life easier when it comes to tidying the bed. However, if you are new to the concept, chances are you have several apprehensions such as whether they actually serve the purpose, if they are expensive, and most of all, if they come with features that double your chore time. Hence, we’ve put together this quick list to help you get past the many myths that are associated with fitted bedsheets.


Myth: Fitted bedsheets will wrinkle up

This is perhaps the most common myth about fitted bedsheets. Several people believe that no matter how accurate a fitted bedsheet’s dimensions in context to your bed, they will loosen up after some use and wrinkle up at the wrong places unlike a loose bedsheet.

Fact: Good-quality fitted bedsheets made from high-quality cotton will not wrinkle up even after several washes. This is because they are designed to primarily serve the purpose of giving you a wrinkle-free bed with minimum effort from your end. Further, when you opt for fitted bedsheets manufactured using premium materials, including the elastic that holds it, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep. SPACES offers fitted bedsheets and deep-fitted bedsheets to match your mattress dimension requirements.

Myth: Fitted bedsheets are expensive

It is natural to be doubtful about the cost associated with convenience. Hence, people often believe that since fitted bedsheets have been designed to save time and deliver on everyday convenience, they must come at a premium compared to loose bedsheets. Or worse, they tend to think that if fitted bedsheets are not more expensive than their regular counterparts, would they even be effective at offering a great fit.

Fact: Fitted bedsheets are not overpriced. Just like loose bedsheets, they come at various prices depending on a host of factors. In fact, SPACES’ range of fitted double bedsheets start as prices as reasonable as Rs.1199. Depending on the type of fabric, technology, and designs you opt for, your fitted bedsheet will cost different. Remember, you are not just paying for the bedsheet but also for the time you will save every day.

Myth: Fitted bedsheets are difficult to manage

The internet is filled with videos featuring people struggling to fold their fitted bedsheets. However, folding your fitted bedsheets or washing and ironing them are not difficult tasks. All you need is the right technique.

Fact: Fitted bedsheets can be folded within seconds if you look up tips from organizing gurus such as Marie Kondo. You can of course, also come up with a folding style that works personally for you. Just remember, just like every type of outfit in your wardrobe requires a unique folding technique, the same is true for your bedsheets; fitted bedsheets fold differently then loose bedsheets. Lastly, when it comes to washing and ironing them, it really does not require any extra effort or a different style. You simply need to get used to working with fitted bedsheets to discover their simplicity.

To summarize, fitted bedsheets can be highly effective in transforming your bedroom into a tidy zone while saving you tons of effort. Additionally, it doesn’t cost extra. So if you have been contemplating buying fitted bedsheets and searching online for good quality fitted cotton bedsheets it’s time you browse SPACES’ range of fitted and deep-fitted bedsheets for a truly fulfilling experience.

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