Everything You Need to Know About Premium Bed Linen

Everything You Need to Know About Premium Bed Linen

Premium bed linen is synonymous with a relaxing bed time experience. In fact, is akin to a luxury staycation. However, when it comes to considering buy premium bed linen for everyday living, we are often hesitant due to a host of factors. Misconceptions such as high price tag, high maintenance post purchase, and more often keep us from investing in premium bed linen for our health and comfort. However, apart from the comfort and aesthetic appeal that comes with premium bed linen, there are several other reasons that you need to factor in while evaluating premium bed linen such as bedsheet sets and bed covers online. Buying premium linen is a good option if you are looking at sheer comfort and luxury above everything else. You can take a closer look at options like premium bedsheets, bed covers, blankets, Dohars, and quilts among others. However, there are a few things that you should know while you are buying premium linen. These should be key influences for your bed linen purchase.

Big On Hygiene

One of the most overlooked benefits of premium bed linen, be it a designer bedsheet or a matching bedsheet set is that they also deliver on hygiene. Premium bedsheets and bed linens are usually designed from high quality fabric and enhanced using innovative technology. This ensures your bed is safe and not a breeding ground for germs and microbes. Hygiene is one aspect where improvement is always required across all industries, and it is no different for the bed linen category. While buying bed sheets online and choosing options like single bedsheets or double bedsheets, you should always take a closer look at the hygiene factor. In this context, premium bedding, as mentioned, mostly uses the best materials while keeping allergens away. In recent times, there are several innovations in this category that enhance breathability greatly. Sleeping better is a pre-requisite for better productivity and overall wellness. In this case, materials and the hygiene quotient matter immensely.

High sustainability quotient

Remember, you and your family spend atleast one third of your life in bed; it is imperative that your bedsheet is free of harmful chemicals and dyes. Hence when evaluating if a bedsheet or bedcover qualifies for premium bed linen, you need to consider this – if it has been manufactured using best possible alternatives to toxic dyes, chemicals and processes that impact you, the environment, as well as local communities. As a responsible brand, at SPACES, we endeavour to ensure this for all our products, across categories, including designer bed linen. The Atrium collection is ‘Skin Safe’ and ‘Breathable’ since it is made using pure, natural cotton, and skin-safe dyes, making it perfect for those who prefer gentle and soft touch of fabrics on their skin. You would naturally want your bedding to be made sustainably. Such collections from SPACES are not just good for the environment, but they are also good for you. This approach is now important for several buyers and homeowners, naturally necessitating going for premium linen above everything else.

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Enhanced ease of wash and maintenance

Traditionally, one associates premium bed linen with one that’s delicate and will wear off quickly. Hence, dry cleaning and delicate home washes are often considered benchmarks for maintaining premium bedsheets and premium bedcovers. However, this isn’t always true.

SPACES’ Atrium collection is easy to wash in the machine, so you never have to guilt on spills and mishaps. More importantly, while these bedsheets come with colour fast technology. So you never to have to about the colour running even after multiple washes, not about it fading under the harshest of sun. Similarly, if you opt for premium bed linen made from innovative fabric such as Hygro Cotton, you can expect your premium bedsheets and bed covers to become softer and bloom after every wash. In fact, SPACES’ range of Hygro Cotton bedsheets and bedcovers are also manufactured using superior quality yarn to ensure high durability and softness. Hence, premium bed covers made from superior fabric are all about additional comfort and convenience. As opposed to the general idea of premium linen being difficult to maintain, they can actually be washed and cleaned easily as mentioned above. You should thus keep this aspect in mind as well. This will naturally be a major determining factor in your purchase decision. 

To sum it up, designer bedsheets are an important subset of premium bed linen such as bedsheets and bedcovers. However, there is a lot more that goes into qualifying a product as premium bed linen. Right from the fabric and technology used to the process implemented and the dyes used, it is attention to several details that elevates a bedsheet or bedcover into premium bed linen. So if you have been associating premium bed linen with special occasions and heavy price tags, now is the time to reconsider the many benefits it brings to everyday living. Check out SPACES’ Atrium range of designer bedsheets and its various features to transform your bedroom and lifestyle. These designer bedding solutions will naturally add a whole new element or dimension to your lifestyle. You will know the difference for yourself when you use designer or cutting-edge bed linen at home. Hence, you should take a closer look at the collections by SPACES which ensure greater comfort and usability alike.

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