Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Bedroom

Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Bedroom

The bedroom remains one of the most important rooms in a home – it is where you relax after a hard day’s work, build restorative health as you sleep through the night, and wake up to new hopes and dreams. It is therefore important to amp up the mood in your bedroom periodically and infuse it with fresh, new energy. However, you don’t need to move all the furniture or consider changing expensive décor. Simply consider a few simple bed linen hacks to transform your bedroom.

Invest in bed covers

The bed remains a focal point in bedrooms. Hence, if you want to make just one switch that will transform your bedroom, consider changing the way your bed looks. You don’t need to buy a new bed; simply invest in bed covers. Unlike bedsheets, which are designed for a good night’s sleep, bed covers are designed to cover your bed and protect your bedsheet through the day, while give it a unique appeal.

While looking for bed covers online or searching for terms like “bed covers online in India”, it is important to consider more than just aesthetic appeal. Look out for adequate thread count, the type of fabric used, and whether it comes with an anti-viral finish technology. These factors go on to define quality and value, which will come in handy for a long time after you have purchased a bed cover. You can browse our wide range of single, double, and kids bed covers here.

Opt for unique bedsheet designs

This may sound obvious but most people don’t end up opting for unique bedsheet designs while purchasing bedsheets online. A common tendency is to opt for simple and traditional designs so that they blend in easily. However, this approach does not help in creating a unique look. Instead, look out for designer bedsheets which offer unique bedsheet designs.

They will stand out and create a distinct aura in your bedroom. Even if you opt for bedsheet designs in soft colours and subtle designs, there will be a unique factor when you opt for designer bedsheets that will reflect your personality.

More importantly, it is a myth that designer bedsheets are expensive. At SPACES, we offer a wide collection of designer bedsheets across price ranges to help you opt for unique bedsheet designs.

Consider Bed In A Bag

A smart way to amp your bedroom’s glamour quotient is to opt for matching bed linens. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy mixing and matching your bedsheets with bed covers, comforters, and quilts, you can simply opt for single or double bed in A Bag sets. They typically include a bedsheets, matching pillow covers, as well as a comforter or a quilt. They ensure your bed and bedroom look super organized, and attractive.

They also save you a lot of daily hassle in planning which bedsheet goes best with which comforter when prepping your bed. Lastly, the bag makes it convenient to store the entire set without it taking too much space in your home. Take your pick from our range of Bed In A Bag sets for double beds, single beds, and kids.

Cotton Single Quilt @ ₹ 3,499

Now that you have a couple of quick ideas on how to amp up your bedroom, remember that it is important to have a bit of fun while trying them out – get out of your comfort zone and consider buying options that are visibly different from what you have purchased in the past. This will ensure that just changing your bed linens impacts your entire bedroom in a simple but effective way.

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