Working from Bedroom: How To Tidy In Under 7 Minutes

Working from Bedroom: How To Tidy In Under 7 Minutes

If you have been working from home, chances are there are days when you just end up working from your bedroom. It could begin harmlessly as you pore over emails after hitting snooze multiple times or depending on the weather, you could simply decide that you want to work from under the blankets. Either ways, working from bedroom is here to stay. However, at the end of the day, it often feels like your bedroom has been transformed into a work space and you have nowhere to go for unwinding or catching a good night’s sleep. If you often find yourself in this situation, read on to know how can you ensure your bedroom’s sanctity despite having little time for housekeeping.

Have a home for the little things 

The simplest way to ensure that your laptop and notebooks don’t up on your bedsheet is to have a temporary or dedicated spot in your bedroom for these things. If you don’t have a work table in the bedroom, make sure you still identify a spot for them. For instance, next to your bedroom TV or in your cupboard. Be creative here. You could even decide on converting your bedside table into a work storage zone. Start using your laptop bag and keep the bag over or under the table.
Similarly, if there are other things like stationery, snack bowls, and more that pile up on your bed and end up soiling your crisp cotton bedsheets, identify a specific spot for them in your bedroom. This way, at the end of a tiring day, you don’t have to stress your brain figuring how to tidy up. Instead, you have clear direction on what needs to be put where and it only takes a couple of seconds.

Keep it minimal 

The more things you have, the more stuff you have to manage. Since living out of a cave often gets people to hoard, remember your bedroom is your relaxation den, not your hoarder’s cave. So every once in a while, discard old diaries, pens that have run out of ink, and so on. While back in your traditional office, you only had a desk and a drawer for space, you now have access to a lot more space. Hence, it is easy to forget about decluttering. However, the mess can keep you from enjoying your personal space and make it complex to tidy up on a regular basis; your mind has that many more items to process before a busy morning or at the end of a tiring day.

Fitted sheets to the rescue 

Most importantly, it is your bed and bedsheets that bear the maximum brunt of you working from your bedroom. They are likely to become soiled and crumpled after being used for almost 24 hours every day of the week before you decide them to change them over the weekend. Hence, it’s important that you give your crisp cotton bedsheets a good dusting and make them bed atleast every morning, if not once again before going to bed.
Making the bed can be a tiring affair for many after a long day of working alone from home. Fitted sheets can be a great investment in this case. They are easy to dust out and don’t require you to make your bed from scratch; just a pull here, a tug there and you are done. In fact, an increasing number of work-from-home professionals searching for king size bedsheets online opt for SPACES’ range of fitted bedsheets. Unlike standard cotton bedsheets that one finds while shopping online, our fitted sheets are made from premium quality cotton, high thread count, and feature contemporary designs and colours. This makes them a great investment since they offer a quality bedtime experience, durable linen, and an easy laundry time.
So, if you are looking to tidy your bedroom real quick, remember to do away with things you don’t need, identify a space for every item that does not belong on your beautiful king size cotton bedsheet, and lastly, invest in fitted sheets.

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