Do Towels Need To Be Replaced?

Do Towels Need To Be Replaced?

When it comes to towels, let us admit that bath linens such as bath sheets, bath and hand towels, as well as bath mats and bathroom rugs, tend to get the harsher treatment as compared to bed linens. Bath linens are used on an everyday basis, are exposed to water and moisture, and often, soap, oils, and other chemically harsh substances. Even when it comes to washing them, we tend to treat them with intense rituals to get rid of dirt and stains. So, can we expect all bath linens to last the same or do we need to change our towels at a different frequency for each of them – bath towels, hand towels, bath mats and sheets, and bathroom rugs? Let us break down this question by category to simplify the answers.

Bath sheets and bath towels 

Bath sheets and bath towels are used on an almost daily basis, except for the days when you put them for laundry and use a second set. This makes them high usage linens, and therefore, prone to becoming coarse, worn out, and faded after prolonged exposure to water, wash cycles, sun, and chemicals. In the case of bath sheets, if you are a frequent traveler, you might even be carrying them to the beach or to the pool, exposing them to a lot of sun.
A good rule of thumb would be to change or replace your bath sheets and bath towels after 1.5 to 2 years for most average-use owners, or when they appear worn out, whichever is earlier. However, when replacing them, look out for bath sheets and bath towels crafted out of innovative, high-quality cotton for softer linens with every wash during those 1.5 to 2 years. For instance, SPACES’ bath sheets and bath towels made from Hygro cotton bloom and become softer with every wash.

Hand towels 

When it comes to hand towels, remember that they remain damp for extended hours and spend their days in high-moisture zones such as the bathroom. Additionally, they are delicate in terms of how they are woven as compared to bath towels. Hence, the wear and tear is likely to be quicker.
Accordingly, you should look at changing hand towels that you bring out on special occasions within 2 to 2.5 years and your daily usage hand towels within a year. Remember, apart from investing in quality hand towels made from innovative fabrics such as Hygro cotton, you can also deploy some smart laundry hacks to ensure longevity.

Bath rugs and bath mats are probably the most overused and least cared for bath linens. However, since they not only hold a lost of dirt and dust within them, but also undergo exposure to our feet, water, and more, they need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they are in good shape. Having said that, cleaning them regularly remains a major laundry challenges for most households. 

Depending on how frequently you are able to clean them, you should consider replacing them after a dozen-odd washes or within 1.5 years, whichever is earlier. Lastly, replace them with quality bath rugs and bath mats such as those by SPACES rather than settling for the first result that pops up when you type ‘bath mats online in India’, for a lasting experience. 

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