Decor tips to make your home Pujo ready

Decor tips to make your home Pujo ready

India is filled with different cultures and vibrant festivals and we go above and beyond to celebrate them in the best way possible. There were times when everyone came together to bond over prayers and chatter. The aroma of freshly prepared delicacies was like a cherry on top. Resuming to normal just seems like it is an eternity away so let’s just get used to the new ways and enjoy Durga Pujo 2020 to the fullest! 

Regardless of how the pandemic has created some barriers for us, let us not allow it to dampen our spirits. As spending time with our extended family and friends has become difficult, we can spend more time prepping up our homes and generating good vibes this Durga Pujo. 

To make it easier for you, we have pulled together some great tips to deck up your house! So here are a few home decor tips to spruce up your home this Pujo:

Making a grand entrance

In the Indian culture, amping up our entrance with accessories like Toranas (made from woollen) has always been a tradition. To give it a crisp look, decorate the entrance with some fresh flower garlands. A classic option would be a Torana with fresh marigold flowers and mango leaves. Add an extra edge to the entrance by making some rangolis. You can even experiment with water rangolis, just add some fresh flowers and floating candles to a Brass urli filled with water.

A tranquil sacred space

You should refrain from cluttering your Puja room as it is the most sacred space at your home. Try to declutter it as much as possible and then give a royal touch to it by adding decorative screens of jallis on the walls. Opt for ambient lighting instead of spotlights and focus lights to give your Puja room a tranquil vibe.   

An ethnic touch, everywhere!

Firstly, rearrange all the furniture and keep enough space to move around. Add life to it by adding some fresh plants and bright coloured cushions to match the festive vibe. With all the jazz, don’t forget to add minimalistic accessories so that everything gels together. Considering adding brass lotas and jugs with flowers in them to give it an ethnic look. 

A festive vibe for the bedroom!

Pep up the ambience of your bedroom by spreading out new bedsheets. Add a new bed sheet set to give your bedroom a fresh look. You can check out the festive bed linen collection - Rangana by SPACES. The Spaces - Rangana collection is a range of elegant bed linen that captures a festive vibe and brightens up your home, a perfect match for this occasion. The Rangana collection is inspired from the traditional Indian artforms. There are six elegant variations of the Rangana bed sheets, called Meenakari, Malakaar, Nirrona, Kashida, Gulrana and Ekshila. You can check out the SPACES Rangana bedsheets here

To make your bed cosy, add shams and cushions. Top it off by adding contrasting curtains to go well with your bed linen. To jazz it up more, add beautiful flower arrangement in vases. Make the bedroom look inviting and relaxing by adding dim lights, grand chandeliers or lampshades.  

Don’t forget to deck up your balcony!

A perfectly decked up home but a mediocre-looking balcony won’t go hand in hand. So, deck up that balcony as well. Balconies attract a lot of dirt and dust, so start with deep cleaning. Pot some green plants innovatively, explore and get creative by inculcating planters like glass bottles and earth pots. Add some affordable and beautiful fairy lights, pack them into jars or hang them over plants. This will make your home look pretty outside, just as it is on the inside!

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