Decor Ideas to Keep The Winter Blues At Bay

Decor Ideas to Keep The Winter Blues At Bay

As we slowly march towards winter, there are so many changes we can see around us. The days start getting shorter, it’s often dark by the time we get home from work. Even the sky looks duller than usual, making it easy for us to become melancholic. Add to this sharp winds, colds and lack of greenery and colour and you get the Winter Blues. In some cases, this just causes listlessness but if left unchecked, it can also lead to depression. That is why it is important to keep an eye out for signs of getting affected by the winter blues, and immediately make changes around us to combat them effectively. 

One of the best ways to keep away from winter blues is to make a few changes via simple decorating ideas, tiny tweaks to your daily routine and some clever home improvements. To help you stay cheery in the midst of this chilly season, we’ve curated a list of decor ideas that will banish away the blues and make this a season to enjoy rather than endure.

Integrate Biophilic Designs

One of the greatest characteristics of the winter season is the lack of greenery. Plants lose their leaves and all that’s left for us to see is creeping branches. This emptiness in usually lush plants can cause us to feel dejected, increasing the intensity of the winter blues. That is why you must bring in elements of biophilic designs into your home, so your eyes can still see the beauty of plants and flowers around you. We highly recommend getting a single bed sheets online or double bedsheet online from the SPACES Bonica collection of bed sheets. Featuring a dazzling selection of plant-life, the Bonica collection will bring you a garden right in your bedroom!

Surround Yourself with Softness

When the world outside seems rough and cold, it’s important to surround yourself with things that will give you an opposite feeling. Snuggle into cosy quilts and pillows that can keep you warm and drive the blues away. By surrounding yourself with soft and fluffy elements, you can amplify the warmth in your body and home, keeping you away from the harshness of the season. For a restful winter, we recommend quilts from collections such as Geostance, Atrium, Bamboo Charcoal and Essential Anti Viral.

Use Calm And Positive Colours

Colours have an immense effect on our psyche and there are a number of scientific studies around this subject. The effect of winter blues largely stems from the lack of colour around us, which is why we should consult with colour theory and make quick fixes in this regard. You can buy bed sheets, quilts or other bed linen in colours like blue, white and soft purple if you’re looking to create a calm atmosphere. On the other hand, colours like yellow, orange and red promote a feeling of energy, cheeriness and positivity so it’s always a good idea to get accent pieces of home decor in these colours. So you can be reminded of vibrancy even when it cannot be found outside.


Keep Your Feet Happy

The worst feeling is waking up, getting out of your warm bed and touching the cold floor! When our feet come into contact with the severe cold of our flooring, it gives a shock to the system and makes us grumpy and unsatisfied right at the beginning of the day. This in turn, affects our mood for the rest of the day, giving winter blues a better chance to set in. That is why we recommend getting bedside runner and soft carpets around the house, so your feet don’t have to suffer the winter cold. You can get a great selection of these from the SPACES Multipurpose runner, Epica Anti-Skid, Mira Bella collection and others.

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