Décor ideas for a brighter monsoon season By Krittika Srikanth

Décor ideas for a brighter monsoon season By Krittika Srikanth

Grey skies are a mood. Rains bring with them this feeling of hygge where all we want to do is curl up in a chair with a book, drink a hot cup of tea and listen to the sound of pitter patter. But they also bring with them dull & damp weather, musty smells and muddy shoes. A few décor updates can help tackle this and liven up your home.

Keep the dirt and damp at bay – Indian homes are not furnished with mudrooms and especially if you are living in apartments, all we have are small foyers at the main door leading into the living area. So let’s keep those muddy boots, dripping umbrellas and wet raincoats in the foyer in style. A bamboo coat hanger will not only solve the problem but also look stylish. You can keep pebble filled trays for those muddy shoes to rest on without having to deal with dirty floors. And most importantly bring in a doormat in jute or recycled rubber to trap that dirt. The options nowadays are so many you will be spoilt for choice.

Drive away the glooms with pops of colour – Introduce little pops of colours throughout the home with décor accents in warm and happy tones. Cushions, throws, rugs and bedding are the easiest way to liven up your space without burning a hole in your pocket. The Bamboo Charcoal range of bedsheets from SPACES is a great option for this season. Its moisture absorbent quality helps prevent odour and its anti-bacterial properties will keep allergies and infections at bay, keeping you and your family safe. The bedsheets are available in beautiful earthy tones which will resonate with the season perfectly.

Let’s keep it fresh – Nothing like flowers and plants to freshen up your home. Add a plant or two in those dull corners and put out a vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table. A clean set of hand towels rolled into a basket with a bunch of flowers, on your sink would make for such a pretty little sight in the mornings. The Swift-Dry towels from SPACES, as the name suggests, dry in a jiffy and stay fresh. Not a bad idea at all for the moisture laden, damp climate! These little additions will add a fresh vibe and brighten your days.

Light them up – Candles, not just for when the power fails but also to help with those musty smells. Scented/ aroma candles will liven up your mood and also brighten your home on those dark and gloomy days. Candles are the best way to amp up the warmth and coziness.

Sheer love – Swap your heavy opaque curtains with light and breezy sheers to let as much light in, as you can. Sheers are your best friends during monsoons as they don’t soak up the moisture and leave behind damp smells.

Smells of joy – We love the petrichor smell the onset of monsoon brings with it but nobody particularly enjoys what comes in the days to follow, that is, the musty smells. Bring a pot of water with orange peels and cinnamon to boil on your stove. The aroma that will fill up your home would certainly smell like joy.

So go on and give some of these décor ideas a try and turn your home into a warm, inviting and cozy space despite the dark grey skies. Put your kettle on and enjoy this spell while staying safe.

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