Cooling Dohar Is a Must-Have in Summer

Cooling Dohar Is a Must-Have in Summer

Spending the summers indoors can be a rather dull and tiring affair. The best way to transform long, hot days into bearable ones is to turn up the AC, get cosy with a comfortable dohar or blanket, and sip on home-made coolers through the day.

With so many options out there, it can be often confusing to pick the right bed linen to keep you cozy. If you are wondering whether you should opt for a dohar, blanket, or a quilt, here’s everything you need to know about why you should dohars are perfect for your summer use. Learn how to pick the right dohar online, whether you are looking for a single or double bed dohar. 

What’s inside your summer dohar

Before you even get down to looking for single or double bed dohars online, it is important that you understand how a dohar’s characteristics translate into the perfect companion for your summer AC chills. While blankets are typically woven from wool or similar fabrics that makes them ideal for extreme winters, dohars are made up of cotton – the perfect breathable fabric for summer. However, unlike a simple quilt or bedsheet, it is made up of three layers of cotton stitched together for that warm, fuzzy feeling that you associate with a relaxing summer afternoon.

Types of dohar 

Whether you are looking for a double bed dohar so you can curl up with your loved ones or a single bed dohar for some solitary calm, Spaces offers a wide range of summer dohars to suit your preferences. When it comes to summers, a lot of people prefers buying individual single dohars even when sharing a bed to ensure personal space. Additionally, you can also get dohars for kids so that they don’t feel weighed down under adult-sized dohars in sweltering summers.

Buying the right dohar

Once you have decided on a double bed or single bed dohar for your summer chills, make sure you consider a few additional factors before buying a Spaces dohar online. Apart from their utility factor, dohars can truly transform the way your bed and bedroom looks. So, you may want to lay it out on your bed even when its not in use. So opt for designs and colours that match your bedroom’s mood. Remember, unlike a blanket or comforter, dohars can be washed quite easily. So don’t simply opt for darker colours even if they don’t work for your room; make your online summer dohar shopping experience fulfilling by considering the entire wide range of options available.

At Spaces, our range of dohars for your summer needs range from single dohars to dohars for kids, and from dohars with geometric patterns to those with floral and delicate designs. With three layer of quality cotton stitched using super soft fabric, you can expect a truly comforting summer time when you snuggle under a Spaces dohar and turn up the AC.

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