Cool tips to start afresh during summers

Cool tips to start afresh during summers

It’s summertime, and while all you can think about is cooling off with fresh fruits and drinks, let's look at a few ways to up your cool quotient this season and say #HelloFreshness!

1. Stay in, stay fit and fresh

It is no secret that exercise boosts the mood, and makes you more energetic and happier. Start your day early with a light exercise. Or if you enjoy the evening breeze, try exercising on your balcony to keep yourself cool throughout the routine. Find a nice spot at home to workout. Avoid going out to crowded areas or gyms, given the current scenario.

2. Dress down for a chill vibe

As the mercury soars, it’s time to bring out those cool & breezy outfits. Cotton tees, tank tops, comfy shorts, and flowy dresses is the way to go this summer. If you’re working from home, throw in on a fun summer shirt and your favorite statement accessory to refresh your mood and give yourself a boost. 

3. Refresh your morning meals

Consuming caffeine and alcohol during summers can completely dehydrate you and that’s the last thing we want! Instead opt for hydrating juices in the morning to refresh yourself, blend your favorite fruits into a smoothie or try a trendy nature’s cereal bowl - add some fruits to a bowl full of coconut water and you’re good to go!

These yummy summer breakfast options are easy to whip up and won’t have you sweating over the stove. Smart, right!

4. Put your green thumb into action

Indoor plants are the perfect way to naturally cool your space. The green is not just soothing to the eyes, they are also a quick-fix solution to sprucing up your home interiors while purifying the air inside. Pick easy to maintain plants like a money plant, indoor succulents, aloe vera, flowering plants or even a bonsai tree to brighten up your home and bring cheer to your space.

5. Cool off with a cold shower

Cold showers are refreshing to the max! Summer is the best time to forget if the water is hot enough and hop into the shower worry-free. Now that you’re all refreshed after your morning shower, wrap yourself with the comfiest towel. SPACES towels are a perfect solution to give your day a refreshed start. Ultra-soft & luxurious with high absorbency, these towels feel fresh, always.

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