Bring Home The Beauty Of Heritage Folk Art With The Rangana Collection

Bring Home The Beauty Of Heritage Folk Art With The Rangana Collection

With the festival season well underway, it’s time to refresh the look and feel of your house. Ethinic home decor is all the rage, with their colorful patterns and luxurious feel. Just by replacing your drab, old double bed sheets with a vibrant collection of bed linen will instantly bring in the festive vibe and create a royal atmosphere. To help you in your journey of revitalisation, we’ve curated a collection of ethnic home decor from the SPACES Rangana collection, so all you have to do is browse through a diverse set of options and find your favourites immediately.

Rangana Collection by Spaces

What Is The Rangana Collection?

India is famous for being a land that houses immense cultural and traditional value. When you travel in the country, you can see a change in offerings ranging from food, language, fashion and most importantly, unique craftpersonship. The Rangana collection is a celebration of this amazing diversity. It displays an interpretation of  traditional folk art and fine weaving practices from the east, west, north and the south of India. Each piece in this collection reflects the essence of India’s folk heritage and legacy of age old techniques, passed down from generation to generation. In a way, the Rangana collection shows a true depiction of India - the people, traditions, cultures, rituals, beliefs and the celebration of festivity.


The Niyama collection draws its inspiration from the Thangka. This is a Tibetan-Buddhist style painting that originated in Nepal. Pieces from this collection give your home decor a meditative touch with elaborate and colourful designs embodying peace and beauty.


The Nalgona collection pays tribute to Pochampalli Ikat sarees carrying the 'Double Ikat' design. In this type of design, threads are dyed before being woven together to create stunning masterpieces.

Padma Priya

Padma Priya is inspired by Pipili Appliqué, the centuries-old decorative art form of Orissa and is made by sowing patches of fabric in eclectic shapes and patterns. The designs make for a beautiful collection that form a fusion between tradition and modernity.


The designs featured in the Ektaal collection take you way back in history as they are based on Dhokra, a wax-metal casting art form originating in Mohanjodaro and Harappa civilizations. Let your home reflect the passage of time with stunning Bronze Age aesthetics revolving around folk motifs including human and animal forms.


Anish pays homage to the mesmerising beauty of Jaipur's ‘Blue Pottery’ technique distinguished by a vivid colour palette. Welcome this festive season by accessorizing your bedroom decor with pieces carrying elaborate designs of flora and fauna in white.


This collection is inspired by Kantha, one of the oldest forms of embroidery craft in India. By making use of running stitches, the Debjani collection shows you a story using floral, animal, and geometric motifs. Traditionally worn during ceremonies like weddings and births, this beautiful collection will evoke the feeling of festivities in your home all year round!

What Can You Find In This Collection?

The Rangana collection is a celebration of the unique art you can find in India, while finding ways to integrate inspiration and core creative thought behind each of them. We’ve designed this collection to instantly add a touch of ethnic magic with the added advantage of comfort and convenience.

The Rangana collection is Safe For Skin

We know your sleep is important, that’s why you’ve taken the time and picked a large, comfortable bed for your room. That is why we go a step ahead to ensure a good sleep for you by creating bed sheets that are extremely soft to touch. There are many people who have sensitive skin and get uncomfortable at night because the feel of their sheets disturb their sleep. You can find double bed sheets from the Rangana collection on the SPACES website. To get into the spirit of the festivities, we highly recommend a splash of red that you can get when you opt for the Rangana Debjani Double Bedsheet online from our website.

Soft, Comfortable Quilts

A great, undisturbed sleep is totally incomplete without a fluffy, cosy quilt to combat the coming winter cold. To ensure your room doesn’t lose the ethnic touch, the Rangana collection has also curated a set of quilts that look amazing and bring you traditional art from all over India. Those looking for a more traditional colour scheme, we recommend the Rangana Ektaal Double Quilt, that reminds you of Haldi (turmeric) and the many ways it is included in festivities. For those who wish to go in a different direction but still want to keep the ethnic ambience, the Rangana Debjani Double Quilt, or the Rangana Anish Double Quilt are wonderful choices.


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