Best Gifting Ideas Under Rs 3999

Best Gifting Ideas Under Rs 3999

The festive season is upon us, and soon we will all be caught up in the frenzy of gift shopping. While gifting and receiving gifts is great fun, it can become quite challenging to pick the right gifts for your near and dear ones. The gifts you pick must be commensurate with the occasion and the level of closeness you share with the person. Most importantly, the gift must fit your budget – after all, there are so many people to shop for, and you don’t want to come up short!

The following are our ideas for gifts priced under Rs 3,999:

#1 A Watch.

Watches are amongst the most treasured gifts in the world. Though most younger age groups today prefer to check the time on their mobile phones or smart watches, older age groups still appreciate the value of a beautifully crafted timepiece. Watches are available in various makes, brands and prices. It is possible to get a stunning branded watch under Rs 3,999 complete with engraving, service warranty and extended warranty, among other benefits. Price points: Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,999, including a basic fitness tracker, or simple metal dial watch

#2 A Set of Their Favourite Books.

Books have a personal connect with people. Each person has a unique taste in books, so a genre or author that works for one may not work for another. Always gift books only to those whose reading habits and choices you are deeply aware of, instead of splurging on books that are bestsellers but in a genre and style that the giftee is not likely to ever touch. If you are unsure about which books they may have recently read, or which they are waiting to buy, ask them to create a wish list on their preferred book shopping destination online and buy whatever you wish to from there. Have the set of books shipped to their home and wait for them to call you with gushing gratitude!

Price points: Rs 800 to Rs 1,500 (for one book, depending on whether it is imported or hardcover/soft cover, etc.)

#3 New Bed Linen.

Bed linen is a wonderful gift for anybody, be it a sibling or a close family friend. Since you are headed into the festive season and there will be a few celebratory occasions to attend, it is a wise decision to invest in high quality bed sheets, comforters and duvet covers for your near and dear ones. Bed linen must be gifted only to people close to you, and whose taste and aesthetic you are aware of. It is a deeply personal gift, but a hugely practical one. Pick from our range of superior quality cotton bedsheets (check out the anti-viral and hygro-cotton range), matching pillow cases and dohars/comforters, bathrobes for your gifting pleasure.

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