Bathroom Storage ideas

Bathroom Storage ideas

Cut all the clutter from your bathrooms!

We get it. We really do. Organizing a bathroom seems like such a chore. It’s definitely not fun. But if we’re honest, doing this task has a great payoff. Believe this mantra: No clean bathroom without good storage. It is expected for bathrooms to be the cleanest and hygienic of all spaces in your house. And this cannot happen if you don't have proper storage. Less the clutter, less the chaotic feelings. Everyone wants to feel relaxed in your bathroom. Not chaotic.
So to organise your bathroom better, we’ve picked out some storage ideas. Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious one, it doesn’t matter. These ideas work for any bathrooms out there!

Ladder before lather:

A vertical ladder provides a great option to organise your storage items without drilling into the walls or any tedious construction. It becomes a nice spot to hang towels or baskets for extra toilet paper or other bath products. It’s ideal for slim or cosy spaces.

Hanging baskets, hiding clutter:

Bring hanging baskets to hide all the clutter. Extra toilet paper rolls, cosmetic products, extra towels etc - all of this can be stored away on hanging baskets. These not only provide storage but also add a touch of aesthetics to your bathroom. Dump all your not-quite-pretty bathroom items here.

You ‘cane’ do this:

A pretty yet practical solution to storing everything in the bathroom including hand towels, toilet paper, hand soap, toiletries, and all sorts of small essentials into cane baskets. They add a little polish and work great to hide clutter.

Down under:

Building some storage underneath your sink is another great way to make use of space. Especially if you don’t have any extra wall space. A wall-to-wall floating shelf can be used to keep hand towels, extra toilet paper etc.

Square peg, round holes:

A pegboard can be used to organise smaller items. Adding a pegboard can increase the functionality and storage capacity of any space. These can be used to hang all kinds of things that belong in the bathroom - makeup products, skincare products, towels etc. 

Terribly, tiny trays:

Trays are a great way to add some style but also some extra storage space. You can use mini trays to keep all your makeup, cosmetic or skincare products in one place which you can access easily.

Be Shelf-ish:

Installing shelves with inverted brackets adds a nice touch. Plus it also helps to keep loose items like towels piles, q-tips, cotton swabs etc.

Bathroom Hook-up culture:

No more cramming shampoo and conditioner bottles near the shower/bathtub edges. All you need are S-hooks which you can hang on your bathroom rods and keep things like loofahs, smaller caddies etc out of your way!

A’door’able use of space:

Never give up on the opportunity to use the back of bathroom doors as a way to hang pocket organisers. These act as a convenient storage space and can be used to store hair straighteners, makeup brushes, other bathroom accessories etc. They are very useful in bathrooms where cabinets or shelves are not possible to be built.

Go off the peg-rails:

Peg rails are a trendy option that adds a vintage look and offer staggering spots so you can hang wet towels. Adding a wooden shelf above this can make room for more storage space for smaller bathroom essentials or extra products.

Up the wall-racks:

Wall racks are built to not only look pretty but obviously to hold many things like magazines, toilet paper, or towels. A simple yet stylish way to add more storage in your bathroom.

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