Bedsheets Online: All you need to Know Before Buying Bedsheets Online - Spaces

Bedsheets Online: All you need to Know Before Buying Bedsheets Online - Spaces

A beautiful bedsheet can surely amp up the look of your entire bedroom. It’s the first thing that catches the attention of anybody who enters your room. Opting for the right bedsheet can change the vibe of the room.

From ethnic prints to contemporary design and from solid colours to flawless white, the variety of bedsheets online to choose from is infinite. Before you buy your bedsheets online, however, you need to ask yourself certain questions. Are your sheets, comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep? Are they easy to wash? Do they go with your bedroom décor? Keeping these few essential tips in mind will help you make the right choice.

Double Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 1,099

1. Purpose

Choose the bedsheet according to the reason that you require it for. You would choose a casually stylish, cotton bedsheet for everyday use, a bedsheet with a satiny feel and grand designs for an occasion, and a personalised bedsheet or a gift set with a bedsheet, cushion covers and a comforter to gift to your loved ones. Check the bedsheet collections designed by SPACES, which have been crafted according to various such needs.

2. Material

While choosing the right design or pattern is important, opting for bedsheets made out of the right material is equally important, if not more. Cotton has remained the most popular choice for bedsheets over time, on account of breathability, comfort and durability. Premium grade cotton comes in different types such as the luxurious Egyptian cotton, the ultra-soft Supima cotton and the unique Hygro cotton, which keeps you cool during the summers and warm during the winters. It also gets softer after multiple washes. When you choose a material, however, look for the one that suits you. You could also look at bedsheets made of flannel, silk, satin or linen. Otherwise, you could consider going for blends of cotton-polyester or cotton-tencel, which could keep you warm during the cold seasons.

3. Thread Count

Thread count indicates the number of threads in the bedsheet. A bedsheet of higher thread count would be more comfortable and feel softer to sleep on.

4. Size

When buying bedsheets online, you don’t want to end up with one that will have your mattress peeking out of it. Buying a bedsheet based on whether you have a king size (72 inch x 78 inch/6 ft x 6.5 ft), queen size (60 inch x 78 inch/ 5 ft x 6.5 ft) or single bed (36 inch x 72 inch/3 ft x 6 ft) is easy. You might, however, want to measure your bed and then check the measurements of the bedsheets mentioned online, to make sure the bedsheet you love is the perfect one for your bed.

Super King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,709

5. Design or Pattern

Once you’ve got your material and size sorted, then it’s time to pay attention to the pattern or design you opt for, because in the end, looks do matter. Make a note of the colours or the theme used in your bedroom décor so as to get a bed sheet complementing the style. Also, bed sheets with striking prints and designs do leave a lasting impression and tend to add some colour and charm to the room.

Solid Large Bedsheet @ ₹ 4,999

Now, that you have all the points you need to keep in mind when you buy bedsheets online, you can shop for them with confidence. Browse for a variety of options in bedsheets, and you can also narrow down your search by adding filters such as size, price, material and colour so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

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