A Few Tips To Instantly Uplift Your Mood

A Few Tips To Instantly Uplift Your Mood

The new normalcy of constantly staying indoors can make you feel gloomy. But here are a few simple tips to instantly pep up your mood.

Your master bedroom is where you spend most of your personal time – lounging, reading, lazing and of course, sleeping. It is your own little palace and styling it yourself will give it a much-needed boost and make it happier for you.

These easy-to-implement tips will instantly change the way your bedroom appears to you and make you feel a lot happier. Lamps are key to changing the ambience of your room and your mood too. If you do not have a lamp at home, you view easy tutorials to create a lamp at home using readily available items at home

Add some soft music in the room and some aroma to create the perfect atmosphere. Just these 3 simple changes can completely take you to a different zone. If your bed is high above the ground, choose a shorter lamp and if your bed is closer to the ground, select a tall one to utilise the height of your room optimally.

Me Time:

Struggling to find some ‘me time’ with this new normalcy? One good idea to create some space for yourself would be, to start your day a little early. For instance, if you start your day at 6:30am everyday, then consider waking up at 6 am and spend some quality time in things you love. This is the time when most of the people are asleep and there would no disturbance in the house. So, kickstart your day with things you would otherwise not get time to do through the day, such as, listening music, exercising or just reading. Try doing this and feel the difference.

Eating habits:

Cutting down your meals into smaller portions and eating something healthy at regular intervals would be a great start. With hectic schedule, it may get difficult to prepare multiple meals but little bit of advance planning can help and a few easy tricks can help you to accomplish this. For instance, introduce dry fruits, roasted fox nuts, popcorns, or our good old chanas, in your diet. If you feel like munching all day, replace your namkeens with some fresh salad and some chaat masala to add some flavor.  Since its summer, a fresh summer cooler during the day in a nice glass can instantly make your feel refreshed.


Wallpapers have been around for centuries and rightly so – they never go out of vogue. Initially used for protecting wall paint and prevent it from peeling off, wallpapers hold the power to be the centre of attention in your bedroom. A simple floral pattern with tulips, a depiction of modern art or geometric asymmetries, you have countless designs to choose from. So, try creating one during your free time and put it on your wall and experience the difference.


Every time you pass a mirror, you irresistibly look at yourself, right? Mirrors can add intrigue and depth to your bedroom when it comes to adorning walls. Whether it’s mounted on the wall or is rested against one, make sure that the size, height and frame of the mirror blends into your room seamlessly. You may choose a traditional “jharokha” made of teak wood or a stylish frame with metallic finish to go with the rest of your furniture.

Plush carpets:

Even when your floors are tiled with marble, nothing speaks of comfort like a plush rug or a carpet. If your tiles are minimalistic and simple, get a carpet which complements the simplicity and stands out visually. For tiles or floorboards which are already visually rich, choose a lustrous textured rug with soft and shiny fibres. Once you have picked something to liven up your floors, it’s time to revamp the look of your bed!

Bright Bedsheets:

To start with, decide on a colour palette that you would love to indulge in. Then look for a shade that contrasts with your theme. So, for a bold coloured bed sheet, contrast can be achieved with pillows in pastel shades and bright pillow covers with nude coloured bed sheets. Use these to create interesting combinations and experiment until you are smug with satisfaction. You can also try adding cushions with quirky patterns and duvets or quilts with large overlay prints that stand out in the room.

With these simple tips, you will fall in love with the new normalcy. Happy Reading!

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