5 Ways Your Bedroom Decor Can Influence Your Mood

5 Ways Your Bedroom Decor Can Influence Your Mood

Your bedroom is your safe haven - an oasis of peace and rejuvenation. This space is meant to bring you a sense of comfort and should be designed in a way that reflects this. There are many elements of home decor that can influence your mood, essentially shaping the vibe you have in your home. That is why we’ve curated a list of top five elements that you should keep in mind when designing your bedroom, for maximum comfort.

#1 Colours Are Important

If you’ve been feeling exhausted and weary whenever you enter your room, maybe it’s time to change the colour scheme. Colours affect our subconscious and have the ability to rejuvenate, to unburden the mind, to inspire creativity and so much more. For example, the colour blue has a calming effect, can bring down blood pressure and encourage a feeling of ease. So, you can add a blue Dohar like the ones available in the Earthy Tones 100% Cotton collection from SPACES, to make your rest more relaxing. Or the colour red promotes a sense of excitement and is known to stimulate conversations and creativity. So, you can start your day on a more energetic note by adding a bed side runner from the Luxury Runner collection.


#2 The Perception of Space Gives the Illusion of More

There is an immense variety in the number of products available to us today at our fingertips. But as enticing as it is to buy everything in sight, it has the unfortunate downside of cluttering your space. An overstuffed room or home can affect your mood by giving the feeling of overwhelming chaos or mess. One of the most crucial aspects of your room should be to have enough area to walk and it should be breathable. Hence, decluttering the house and organizing your belongings on a regular basis is very important.

#3 Remember to Keep A Personal Touch

There are many look books in bedroom decor, which all have their own set of benefits. But you must remember that the bedroom is your private space and should contain some element that reflects your needs and personality. One easy way to do this is by adding an accent piece of bedroom decor in your favourite colour. You can easily do this by exploring the extensive collection of bedsheet, dohars, towels, bed side runners, fitted bed sheets and more at SPACES.

#4 Functionality Over Aesthetics

A modern style bed with all its sharp lines and sleek angles may look like it's fresh out of a magazine but can prove hazardous if you have small kids in the house. That is why it is very important for you to consider the needs of the people living in the space as you decorate it. Just the looks of the decor should not be the sole defining factor in choosing your interior design. You should pick products according to their ability to be of convenient use to all that are sharing the room. One of the best ideas when looking for items that suit the needs of many is to pick the bedsheet from the Hygro Temperature Regulating collection that adjusts to the needs of the user. You should also consider switching to fitted bed sheets as can be found in the Atrium Breathable collection as these are easier to use.


#5 Add A Splash of Green

While the colour is undeniably great, it’s a good idea to add some indoor plants to your room. Being close to nature always brings positivity, and plants elevate mood in the room by emitting a refreshing feeling. As you get your own personal air purifiers you will see a change in your disposition, as you find better relaxation.

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